The Midcard’s 15 Minutes: Who Said Change Isn’t Great

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Just over a year ago I wrote a column expressing my thoughts that the WWE needed to continue to evolve and change with the times:

Over the past several years the main event scene of the WWE consisted of John Cena, Randy Orton, Big Show and Kane, if you don’t count that one guy who left for MMA. As Royal Rumbles and Wrestlemania’s past the matchups become stale and uninteresting. Something changed and clicked when Daniel Bryan had his run in the main event scene followed up by Seth Rollins catapulting himself as a top star after Wrestlemania 31. The casual WWE fan was introduced to a style the WWE didn’t feature. Everyone instantly became junkies to it. The WWE again ignored the buzz and pushed the WWE way down our throats, again.

Meanwhile, in smaller venues around the globe, wrestling fans were treated to some of the greatest action the world of professional wrestling has ever seen. Promotions like PWG, ROH, Noah, AAA and Evolve became self sufficient promotions bringing in sell out crowds for almost every show they ran. The WWE for years and years wrote off these promotions. Or did they just kayfabe us all into believing that?

The WWE needed to adapt and adapt is exactly what they’ve done. Since that column was posted the WWE signed a few top Indy talents. NXT is thriving. Shane McMahon (and New Day) is the guy putting these NXT and IWC favorites into relevant, fruitful roles on WWE television and before any of us realized it the WWE was not only cool again but arguably the most entertaining wrestling promotion in the world again.

The future is lead by a batch of fully bright stars. But who’s the next wave to come crash the WWE shores?

Ricochet, or Prince Puma to the hardcore Lucha Underground fans, is not only a phenomenal athlete but is a top notch professional wrestler. He has worked for just about every major Indy promotion in the world and has begun to dominate the tag team division in New Japan with former WWE talent, Matt Sydal. Think The Rock, if Dwayne could do insanely crazy things mid air.

Kenny Omega is the pro wrestling’s pro wrestler. Omega is a great in ring talent and talker. He plays the crazy heel or babyface, think Dean Ambrose but with the volume turned ALL THE WAY UP!

The Young Bucks, what can I say that hasn’t been written and featured literally everywhere, even in Rolling Stone. It’s just a matter of time until a Superkick Party starts in the WWE.

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