WWE RAW News & Notes 5.2.16


-In what is suppose to be the start of a New Era on RAW, the show started with a Stephanie McMahon/Shane McMahon promo. Kevin Owens interrupted. He wanted his rematch for the Intercontinental Title. Cesaro then came out saying he would be Champ if it wasn’t for Owens. This lead to a #1 Contenders Match that ended when Miz interfered. Sami Zayn then came out and landed some Helluva Kicks. Zayn held up the IC Title to close the segment.

JC’s Take: A Fatal 4 Way looked to be the way to go after Payback. This segment just made it even more obvious. The booking of the IC Title since Miz won it back has been strong. It is nice to see multiple people feuding over the IC Title once again and talking about how much they want to win it. Solid match between Cesaro and Owens and solid booking once again when it comes to the IC Title.

-The Vaudevillians were named the #1 Contenders for the Tag Team Titles. They came out to confront the New Day. The Dudleyz followed then Big Cass came out. They all brawled which lead to an 8 man tag that saw Big Cass and New Day pick up the win.

JC’s Take: The match did a good job of making Big Cass look like a, no pun intended, big deal. It went on maybe a couple minutes too long but the wrestling was still good. With Enzo out for the time being, this could be a good opportunity for the WWE to showcase Big Cass as a singles star to the fans.

-Rusev won a Battle Royal to become the #1 Contender for the United States Championship.

JC’s Take: YES! Anyone who knows me knows that I am a fan of Rusev. I’m glad that by breaking away from the League of Nations, Rusev finally gets a Title shot at a Title he held before. If Kalisto can have a good match with Ryback, I bet he can have a good one with Rusev.

-Charlotte and Ric Flair brought out Charles Robinson and he said Natalya gave up and as referee of the match, his decision was final. Natalya came out and beat up Charlotte, then put Ric in the sharpshooter and took his rolex and Hall of Fame ring. Stephanie then made a Submission Match between Charlotte and Natalya at Extreme Rules, with Ric Flair banned from ringside.

JC’s Take: I liked that the WWE played up the history of Ric and Charles Robinson from back in the WCW days. They had a video package and everything. A rematch at Extreme Rules was expected. And after last night so was this stipulation.

-Stephanie cancelled the Ambrose Asylum and brought back the Highlight Reel. Jericho took out Ambrose with his potted plant. Nothing else to really add here.

-In the main event, AJ Styles, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows defeated Roman Reigns and The Usos when Styles pinned one of the Usos. After the match, Anderson and Gallows wanted AJ to use a chair on Roman but AJ refused. Instead they beat down Reigns some more. The Usos then used the chair on Styles, Anderson and Gallows. After clearing Anderson and Gallows from the ring, Styles then used the chair on the Usos. Reigns saw this, so he beat down Styles and put him through the announce table with a powerbomb.

JC’s Take: That seemed like a slight tease of heel Roman there. Obviously, he saw Styles taking out his family so he wanted revenge. The match itself was just okay. The angle after the match will add tension to the main event of Extreme Rules. A good show closing angle.

-Overall, the show was just kind of there. Nothing major really happened on it. As you can tell, with Extreme Rules in 3 weeks, you can expect pretty much every match to be a rematch from Payback. Except this time there will be an added stipulation to each one. There was nothing terrible on the show, but there was nothing great either.

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