Ryback Taken Off RAW And All Future TV Appearances

Ryback "More" Wallpaper

According to PWInsider, Ryback was removed from RAW last night and taken off all future TV tapings. Ryback was advertised for the United States Championship #1 Contenders Battle Royal but was not in it.

Multiple outlets are reporting that this has to do with recent contract negotiations between Ryback and the WWE. Ryback’s contract is reportedly set to expire this summer.

JC’s Take: Of course this news comes right after Ryback had his best match in recent memory against Kalisto at Payback. But before that, Ryabck wasn’t really being used all that well. But you could tell the guy had a passion for the business. His work may not have been top notch, but you could tell he enjoys the wrestling business. He received a strong push after his return from injury but it fizzled out when the WWE put him against CM Punk and wasn’t ready to take the Title off him. Then when he was pushed as a heel he was fed to Cena.

In a recent interview Ryback talked about being unhappy with being on the pre-show at Wrestlemania. You have to wonder if Ryback has been upset with his recent push as of late. Honestly, I could see the WWE moving on from Ryback. It seems like there really isn’t a place for him in their future plans.

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