WWE Releases 8 Wrestlers

The WWE announced the release of the following wrestlers today:

King Barrett

Damien Sandow

Santino Marella

Alex Riley



El Torito

Zeb Colter

JC’s Take: None of these releases are too much of a surprise. Hornswoggle and El Torito have not been on TV in forever. They had their mini-feud (hehe) and actually had a fun match at Extreme Rules with their WEELC match. But their act is a one trick pony and the crowd grew tired of them quickly. Zeb Colter never worked with Alberto del Rio and it was a dud from the beginning. I’m sure Santino Marella will end up under some type of legends contract and make appearances for the WWE at some point. And Cameron? Well she was never going to fit as part of the Women’s Revolution.

When it comes to Damien Sandow, Alex Riley and Wade Barrett, these are all guys that the WWE dropped the ball on at some point. Riley was hot after breaking away from the Miz and having a feud with him. But the WWE didn’t know how to use him after. Damien Sandow won the Money in the Bank contract for the World Title, but lost to John Cena on his cash in attempt. He faltered after that then found new life under the Damien Mizdow banner. But once again, the WWE didn’t know how to use him after that.

Wade Barrett might be one of the biggest wastes of talent the WWE has ever had. He should have won the WWE Title as the leader of Nexus. Even after the Nexus broke up, Barrett still should have been used better. The WWE dropped the ball with him again when it came to King Barrett and Bad News Barrett. Of course, Barrett also had a few unlucky injuries that derailed his career as well. But Barrett’s release should come as no surprise as it has been rumored for quite some time.

Justin C