WWE RAW News and Notes For 5.9.16: The New Era Continues


-Roman Reigns and The Usos won a Six Man Elimination Tag against AJ Styles, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. The match came down to Roman vs AJ. It ended when Gallows and Anderson came back out to attack Reigns. This lead to the Usos coming back. Roman and AJ then stared each other down, with a chair in between the middle of them. Reigns kicked it to the Styles, who then gave it back to Roman. AJ went for a Phenomenal Forearm but Reigns ducked, and Styles left the ring.

JC’s Take: This storyline has been fantastic. The shades of grey being thrown around from both Reigns and AJ Styles is making the storyline quite interesting. Will Styles go full heel and try to win the Title with the help of Anderson and Gallows? Or will he do it by himself like he’s said all along? And what about Roman Reigns? Does he embrace his dark side and protect his Title by any means necessary? There’s so much going on here and it is all good.

-In a non-Title match, Paige defeated Charlotte with the DISTRACTION ROLL-UP OF DOOM! Natalya was at ringside doing commentary (not very well). She distracted Charlotte. This lead to Ric Flair coming out (he was banned from ringside by Shane McMahon). Shane then came out with referees to get Ric out. Paige then rolled up Charlotte for the win.

JC’s Take: That was one big mess to get to the finish. I’m pretty sure Natalya missed her cue during her first distraction attempt. The match was good until the complicated ending. That ending is done way too much as it is anyways.

-Dana Brooke made her debut on RAW. Becky Lynch was being interviewed when Emma interrupted. Emma told Becky to stop worrying about her eye injury, and said she should get eyes in the back of her head. Dana then attacked Becky from behind.

JC’s Take: Two competent, logical storylines going on involving the women in the WWE? This is exactly how things should have been booked when the Divas Revolution started. But I have no problem with them happening now. Emma and Dana Brooke worked well together on NXT and should make for a fun duo on the main roster.

-Sami Zayn defeated Miz, again in a non-Title match. The win allowed Zayn to be entered in the Intercontinental Title match at Extreme Rules. The match is a Fatal 4 Way with Miz defending the Title against Cesaro, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. Owens also defeated Zack Ryder to keep his spot in the match.

JC’s Take: Anyone with half an idea of how wrestling works saw this coming. This match will probably steal the show at Extreme Rules. Miz is a competent worker and with the supporting cast he has in this match, it might end up being the best of his career.

-The main event was suppose to be Big Cass against Chris Jericho. Earlier in the night, Big Cass interrupted a Chris Jericho opening promo and held his own against Jericho. But before the match started, Dean Ambrose attacked Jericho and took his jacket. Jericho tried leaving but Big Cass threw Jericho into the apron and then back in the ring where Dean Ambrose hit Dirty Deeds and cut up Jericho’s jacket.

JC’s Take: I was somewhat disappointed in the ending. I wanted to see a Big Cass match with Jericho and see how he would do against a veteran like Jericho. The closing angle was fine but it was a bait and switch then ended up letting at least me down in the end. Hopefully we actually get this match next week on RAW.

-There was also a weird ending with Shane and Stephanie. They agreed they both did a good job co-running the show. Then when Shane left Stephanie picked up the photo of Vince and Shane. It was somewhat awkward.

OVERALL: I thought this was another solid show. There was nothing spectacular but again there was solid storyline advancement, especially with the Reigns/Styles story. The IC Title match for Extreme Rules came together nicely. Big Cass continues to show potential with Enzo on the shelf. And the women’s division continues to grow and is possibly the strongest it has eve been. No one match stood out, but there was very little offensive stuff on the show (see: R-Truth vs Fandango).

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