WWE RAW News and Notes For 5.16.16: Final Push For Extreme Rules


-All four participants in the Intercontinental Title Match this Sunday at Extreme Rules ended up in a tag match. The match was originally scheduled to be Cesaro vs Sami Zayn, with Miz and Kevin Owens on commentary. A minute in, Owens and Miz started to fight. Shane came out to make Cesaro/Zayn vs Miz/Owens. Steph changed it, with Shane’s blessing, to Miz/Cesaro vs Owens/Zayn. Zayn ended up winning the match for his team with the Helluva Kick. Owens superkicked Zayn after the match.

JC’s Take: As much as I was disappointed to not see Zayn/Cesaro, the resulting tag team match was fun. The different teams added a new twist to this story. Miz tried doing the Cesaro swing, but Cesaro stopped him and hit the Skull Crushing Finale on Miz. It was a good 25 minute segment.

-Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho exchanged promos. Ambrose said Shane McMahon let him have any match that he wanted. A cage then lowered with various weapons at the top. It’s being called an Asylum Match. You can’t win via escape.

JC’s Take: I hope this is the end of this feud come Sunday. It just hasn’t clicked with these two like many hoped for. Ambrose was fine when he got serious after the cage lowered, but it didn’t help anything about this feud as a whole. Ambrose should pick up the win again here, and move on to something better in the coming weeks. I don’t know if there is anything Jericho can do now to make me interested in him again.

-The New Day went back in time with their New Day-Lorean. First they got stuck in 2009 and brought back Jamaican Kofi. He didn’t want to leave and said it was his best year. They finally got to the bygone era, which is where they wanted to go. But The Vaudevillians quickly attacked them and took them out.

JC’s Take: That was okay. I think because it followed the Golden Truth stuff that the crowd wasn’t back into it. It did make the Vaudevillians look strong taking out all three members of New Day at once.

-The Usos defeated Anderson and Gallows. Anderson and Gallows attacked the Usos after the match. This lead to Roman Reigns and AJ Styles, who were at ringside, to brawl in the ring. Reigns landed a few chair shots, but AJ came right back with chair shots of his own. He then hit the Styles Clash on Reigns on a chair.

JC’s Take: I’m not a big fan of Anderson and Gallows losing this much. If Finn Balor comes in and takes over the group, they better be pushed as bigger threats. I also don’t like Styles taking chair shots to the back with it apparently being injured. It was a hot segment at the end that I’m surprised didn’t end the show. Seeing Styles deliver the Styles Clash to someone of Reigns size is always scary to watch.

-The final segment of the show was the contract signing between Charlotte and Natalya for Extreme Rules. If Ric Flair even shows up at ringside for the match, Charlotte loses the Title. Ric started to lose it as Shane tried to calm him down. Steph slapped Ric. Charlotte went to go after Steph but Natalya stopped her and put her in the Sharpshooter.

JC’s Take: They were in North Carolina so this segment going on last wasn’t a bad idea. The execution was fine. I think Charlotte is improving as a heel. Her delivery could still use some work, but she has the act down. I have no issue putting the women on last. Someday they will main event a WWE PPV.

Other RAW Notes

-Primo and Epico debuted their Puerto Rican gimmick. It was Dead Upon Arrival.

-Dana Brooke defeated Becky Lynch.

-Golden Truth lost to Fandango and Tyler Breeze. Before the match, there was a 5 minute video recapping the journey to Golden Truth’s first time teaming together. It was hilarious and awful at the same time.

-The strong showing of Big Cass continues as he defeated D-Von Dudley.

-Alberto del Rio defeated Kalisto in a non-Title match. During the match, Rusev attacked Sin Cara backstage. He then took him to the ring. After the match, Rusev attacked Kalisto.

OVERALL- Well sooner or later the good run of RAWs had to end. It’s just a shame that it had to come the show before Extreme Rules. I fully expect new storylines to come after Extreme Rules. There was only three weeks between Payback and this Sunday. There wasn’t much time to start new programs. The show dragged today and didn’t really have any standout matches. The stuff involving the lower card was not good. It wasn’t a good final sell for Extreme Rules.

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