Tuesday News Dump: Stipulation for Finn Balor vs Samoa Joe, Emma Injured and More!

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-It was announced via Facebook that the Samoa Joe vs Finn Balor NXT Championship match at the next Takeover Special will take place inside a Steel Cage. The show takes place on June 8. This will be the first steel cage match in NXT history.

JC’s Take: This was heavily speculated after the pull apart brawl both men had at a NXT house show over the weekend. It should be the final match between these two. They’ve yet to have a truly great match yet. Hopefully they will here. It’ll be interesting to see how they set up the cage, since I’m assuming they can’t hang one from Full Sail.

-Emma will have back surgery Wednesday. She suffered a back injury at a house show on Sunday.

JC’s Take: This sucks for Emma. She was just finding her footing again on the main roster and Dana Brooke just debuted last week. We won’t know how long Emma will be out for until the surgery is performed. Her and Becky Lynch were having a good secondary women’s feud before this happened.

-Luke Harper revealed in an interview that he has a patella injury which will keep him out of action until August or September.

JC’s Take: This sucks for Harper. He’s probably the best worker in the entire Wyatt Family. I still maintain that the Wyatts needs to split from Bray himself, but with a logical story why this time. Harper is the work horse of the group so I don’t know how the group becomes watchable without him.

-Vince McMahon sold over 2 million shares of WWE stock this week. That comes out to about $30 million. The WWE released a statement on the sale noting that it was for personal liquidity and that Vince has no intention of selling the WWE.

JC’s Take: I’m not a Wall Street guy, so I’ll take the WWE at its word. I maintain that Vince will never die, and he will be cryogenically frozen and brought back at some point to run the WWE again.

Justin C