Lucha Underground Season 2 Episode 17 Review: Gift of the Gods Match

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-Dario Cueto kicks off the show. Cage meets him in his office demanding his medallion back from Chavo. Cage goes to the ring with Dario. Everybody puts their medallion in as Chavo comes out. Cage beats him down, but the medallion wasn’t in the pouch Chavo had. Chavo recovers and hits Cage with a chair then puts the medallion in the belt. Chavo is in the match, which is never a good thing. Cage hits Weapon X on Chavo for good measure.

Argenis vs Daga vs Kobra Moon vs Mascarita Segrada

-Who the hell put this match together? Does the winner not have to job for a month?

-Famous B interrupts Melissa Santos. He introduces his client Mascartia Segrada.

-Daga grabs Kobra Moon after a pinfall attempt. Kobra starts slithering her tongue like a snake near his mid-section. Nope, still not interested in her.

-We get our first unique move of the match. Daga applies a crucifixion stretch to Kobra Moon and a reverse Boston crab on Argenis.

-Kobra Moon hits a modified Steiner Screwdriver. But she slithers away and lets Daga make the pin. Kobra then makes some seductive taunts towards Daga.

WINNER: Daga- It could have been a lot worse. Kobra Moon is my least favorite LU character after Chavo, so I don’t really care what they have planned for her at the moment.

-Killshot is getting ready in the locker room when Marty the Moth appears behind him. He tells Killshot he hopes he is ready for battle. Marty then tries some quick shots but Killshot stops him and takes him down. Marty then just laughs.

Marty “The Moth” Martinez vs Killshot

-“Creepy Bastard” is one of my favorite chants from the LU crowd.

-Marty flips off the crowd, but Killshot catches him with a kick to the head. Killshot then goes for his moonsault over the ropes, but Marty catches him and hits a powerslam.

-How does Matt Striker not say, “RKO, OUT OF NOWHERE!” when Killshot hits that move?

-Killshot catches Marty in the corner, then hits a package powerbomb for the win.

-After the match Marty attacks Killshot and takes his military dog tag.

WINNER: Killshot- Relatively inoffensive match if not a bit slow at times.

Gift of the Gods Match: The Mack vs Sexy Star vs Texano vs Sinestro de la Muerte vs Joey Ryan vs Aerostar vs Chavo Guerrero

-Chavo runs out of the ring to start the match. I guess it’s better than Chavo being in the ring.

-Mack and Sexy Star hit dueling head scissors then go at it a bit themselves.

-Texano tosses Aerostar into the corner. Aerostar dances away on the ropes and Texano misses a dive in the corner. But the camera made it look like Aerostar was long gone before Texano dove.

-We get the multiple dive spot to the floor which ends with a Sexy Star dive from the top.

-A faint “This is Awesome chant starts. It’s not really deserved.

-Everyone ends up hitting their finishers on Chavo Guerrero. Cage then comes out, but instead of going after Chavo, he goes after everyone else. He then puts Chavo on top of Joey Ryan to give Chavo the win.

-Cage takes the mic and says next week, he challenges Chavo to a match for the Gift of the Gods Title.

WINNER: Chavo Guerrero- Chavo wins and I’m not upset with it. That’s a shock. Cage taking everyone else out makes sense since anyone can challenge for the Gift of the Gods Title. The match itself was just kind of there. With how the top guys in LU are pushed, you really couldn’t take anyone in that match as a serious threat. As I said before, a Cage/Matanza match sounds like a lot of fun.

-We go to Vampiro’s, a torture chamber? He has Pentagon Jr hanging horizontally as he whips him. Vampiro tells Pentagon Jr that the pain he is inflicting is nothing compared to what Matanza did to him. Vampiro then pulls out a barb wire baseball bat and says what Matanza did is nothing compared to this.

OVERALL- Even with the Gift of the Gods match, the show itself was nothing spectacular. The first match was essentially a jobber match. Marty/Killshot was just there. And the entire Gift of the Gods match was just a storyline set up for next week which should see Cage win. The rebuilding of Pentagon Jr continues and I assume we see him back to his darker side by the end of the season. Last week’s episode was disappointing. This week’s was just not that noteworthy.

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