Cody Rhodes Asks For His Release From WWE

Cody Rhodes - Split Champion

Cody Rhodes posted on his Twitter account Saturday that he has asked for his release from the WWE.

The news came out of nowhere. A report came out from PWInsider this morning that both Cody and his brother Goldust left the Smackdown tapings before the show started on Tuesday. Cody’s wife, Eden Stiles, also posted a tweet saying that she supported her husband’s decision. We will have to wait and see when Cody talks about the situation more in depth.

JC’s Take: We obviously don’t know the full story here. If Cody and Goldust did walk out at the Smackdown tapings, it could be that they were pitched a storyline idea that offended them. Or, Cody could have seen the writing on the wall. There are a handful of new talents being brought up to the main roster. And they are all passing Cody by as far as where they stand on the roster.

Cody Rhodes is someone who fully embraced his character. From Dashing Cody Rhodes to Stardust, the man went all in with what he was given. He was probably never going to be a main eventer, but if used better he could have been a solid hand at the top of the mid-card.

I’d like to thank Cody Rhodes, and Goldust, and Dusty Rhodes, for giving me one of my favorite in person memories at a wrestling event. The tag match they had with the Shield at Battleground in 2013 was phenomenal.

Justin C