Cody Rhodes Issues Statement Regarding His WWE Release

Cody Rhodes - Split Champion

Cody Rhodes posted the following message on his Twitter account regarding his request to be released from the WWE:

It’s obvious from this statement that Cody was frustrated with his current role in the WWE. It seemed he wanted to move on from the Stardust character and go back to being Cody Rhodes, but no one had time to listen to him. He takes a couple shots at the head writers on both RAW and Smackdown for not listening to him. But I’m sure that is something the WWE isn’t really too upset about.

My guess is, given the Rhodes family’s legacy in wrestling, is that Cody would be welcomed back if he ever wanted to return. You have to give credit to the guy for standing up for what he feels is right. And I’m sure a good amount of wrestling fans respect Cody as well. As I said in my previous post, Cody is someone who fully embraced whatever character was given to him and gave 100% every time he was in the ring.

Justin C