WWE RAW News and Notes For 5.23.16: 5 Money in the Bank Participants Set


-Five people qualified for the Money in the Bank ladder match: Sami Zayn (defeated Sheamus), Cesaro (defeated The Miz), Chris Jericho (defeated Apollo Crews), Dean Ambrose (defeated Dolph Ziggler), Kevin Owens (defeated AJ Styles)

JC’s Take: I’m not really too upset with any of those results. I still say Owens is the favorite to win the match, taking the victory away from Sami Zayn at the last second. The final two qualifiers will be set on Smackdown.

-Seth Rollins started the show. He initially was grateful to the fans but immediately turned on them. He said the fans booed him when he turned on the Shield, and there is no room on the Seth Rollins bandwagon. He said all he needs is himself. Roman Reigns then came out. Seth left the ring. Shane McMahon came out and made Reigns vs Rollins at Money in the Bank.

JC’s Take: Does the WWE really think people will remember this promo when it comes to the actual match? Seth Rollins should be returning as a face. The fact that the WWE is blurring the lines between faces and heels might come back to bite them in the future. Rollins is going to get cheered against Reigns no matter what he says. The WWE can try to make it sound like Reigns is getting a mixed Cena-like reaction, but it is nowhere near it.

-Charlotte kicked Ric to the curb tonight. She said all of her holidays and birthdays were spent watching Ric on TV and now he can do the same. She said she never thought she could become a Champion without her dad, but she now realizes that she doesn’t need him anymore.

JC’s Take: I didn’t have a problem with the substance of the angle. Charlotte was getting booed pretty heavily by the end of the segment. She will have pretty good heat on her now. The promo did get a bit repetitive towards the end. Charlotte seemed to be stumbling over her words a bit. The main point of the angle got across. It was better than most Charlotte promos. While her delivery can still be robotic, Charlotte has found a nice role as the top heel in the women’s division.

-Enzo Amore returned. He was at the side of Big Cass in his match with Bubba Ray, which Big Cass won.

JC’s Take: Enzo didn’t lose a step as far as his promo work went. With the exposure Big Cass was given when Enzo was out, I expect the team to be even better than they were before.

-Before his match with Chris Jericho, Apollo Crews was attacked by Sheamus backstage.

JC’s Take: I’m perfectly fine with an Apollo Crews/Sheamus feud going into Money in the Bank. Sheamus is a veteran enough name that a win by Apollo will be good for him.

-Before his match with Kevin Owens, AJ Styles told Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson that they needed to go their separate ways for the time being. Anderson and Gallows weren’t happy about that. They said if it wasn’t for them, AJ wouldn’t be anything like he was today.

JC’s Take: I’m surprised Anderson and Gallows didn’t come out at the end. I have no problem with Styles losing clean. Of course, it would help if the WWE had competent announcers to explain everything Styles went through the last few days. I think the WWE is stretching out the Styles/Club angle until after the next NXT Takeover show. Finn Balor is going to take over as the leader of the Club. They just need him out of NXT first.

OVERALL: I thought this was a pretty solid episode of RAW. Nothing was bad. The wrestling on the show was good and pretty much every match had a meaning to it. The only segment that really didn’t have a storyline meaning was the New Day match with the Social Outcasts oddly enough. The WWE is setting themselves up nicely going into Money in the Bank with a stacked ladder match, a very good WWE Title match, and some solid undercard feuds.

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