Lucha Underground Season 2 Episode 18 Review: Trios Titles On The Line

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-Pentagon Jr tries to leave Vampiro’s training. Pentagon says he is ready. Vampiro stops him. Pentagon tells Vampiro he has no fear, but Vampiro says he does, and Vampiro says Pentagon is not ready to face the monster.

Joey Ryan vs Mascarita Segrada w/Famous B and Brenda

-Famous B tries introducing Mascarita but Joey Ryan kicks Mascarita. It was funny because the kick happened right when Famous B got to the Sega, so Famous B finished with Sega-DAMN.

-Joey Ryan hits a mini bodyslam. Mascarita comes back with a firemen’s carry.

-Mascarita goes to low blow Joey Ryan, but it hurts Mascarita’s leg instead.

-Joey Ryan hits a tilt-a-whirl DDT for the win.

WINNER: Joey Ryan- Comedy match. Poor Mascarita Segrada can’t get fame!

-Taya video package.

-King Cuerno is in his cabin. He says for far too long Mil Muertes sat on his thrown like he was king of the jungle. But it was his jungle that he inhabited. King Cuerno has Mil in his cabin still in the casket.

Gift of the Gods Championship: Chavo Guerrero (c) vs Cage

-I love that the crowd now does a Terminator theme song clap when Cage is out there.

-Chavo tries going high risk early, but Cage catches him and rams him into the railings and ringpost a few times.

-Cage tries to get fancy and goes for a second rope moonsault but Chavo moves.

-Chavo starts to go to work on the legs of Cage with a couple of dropkicks and submissions.

-Chavo showboats a bit and it backfires. Cage hits a suplex from the apron to the inside of the ring.

-Chavo hits a rolling Liger kick, but Cage comes right back with a discus clothesline. But Chavo gets his foot on the ropes.

-Both men go to the top. Chavo hits a sunset flip powerbomb then a frog splash but only gets two.

-Chavo goes for the three amigos suplex. Cage blocks the third and hits a powerbomb, followed by a buckle bomb and a Steiner Screwdriver for the win.

-Cage takes the mic and immediately challenges Matanza to a match next week.

WINNER and NEW Gift of the Gods Champion: Cage- I’m surprised how competitive that match was. But it was pretty good. They played up the veteran Chavo trying to pull out all the stops to take out Cage. But in the end the power of Cage was too much to overcome. I’m surprised they are going with Cage/Matanza this early. I pegged it for Ultima Lucha.

-Taya leads PJ Black and Jack Evans to the back where Fenix is laid out. They ask what Mundo did since Fenix was their partner. Mundo says correction, he is now their partner.

-Joey Ryan and Castro look for evidence on Dario Cueto. Mr. Cisco comes in and thinks they are robbing him and he tries to go tell Dario. Joey pulls out his gun and they arrest Mr. Cisco.

Trios Championship: Rey Mysterio, Prince Puma, Dragon Azteca Jr vs Johnny Mundo, PJ Black and Jack Evans w/Taya

-Melissa introduces Fenix. Taya tells her they now have a better partner. I still like how the announcers don’t know what goes on backstage.

-I still don’t like the over-the-topness of Jack Evans. Kevin Owens does it way better.

-Dragon Azteca Jr gets the better of Evans. He hits a springboard armdrag and hurricarrana, then mocks Evans when he hides from Azteca’s dive attempt.

-Puma gets to play the face-in-peril tonight as the heels start to work him over.

-Puma eventually gets out of trouble by throwing Evans into Black, then takes down Black which causes Evans to eat a DDT. Cool spot.

-Rey Mysterio gets the hot tag and does a little work.

-Puma goes to toss Azteca in the air and Azteca tries to hit his DDT, but Mundo blocks it and uses Azteca to hit Puma then hits a suplex on Azteca, sending him into Puma.

-At this point all hell is breaking loose. PJ Black eats an enziguri kick to the head. Puma hits a hurricarrana off the top on Evans. Puma then hits a hurricarrana on Black in a pretty much continuous motion. Nice.

-Rey hits the 619 on PJ Black and Puma hits the 630 splash, but Mundo pulls the ref out of the ring.

-Mundo low blows Rey then him and Taya hit a double superkick. Dragon Azteca meets the same fate. Puma gets a thumb to the eye, then Evans and Black double team him and hit another low blow. Mundo hits the End of the World but only gets two.

-Taya tries getting in the ring with a chair as Dragon Azteca has Mundo pinned. But Evans comes in and hits Azteca with a chair of his own and Mundo gets the pin for the win.

WINNERS and NEW Trios Champions: Johnny Mundo, Jack Evans and PJ Black- Really good match. The heels pulled out all the stops to try to win in this match. And since these guys won’t over power you like Matanza or Mil Muertes, they have to cheat. Rey Mysterio really didn’t do too much in the match. But the actions of the heels makes you want to see the faces get their revenge.

OVERALL- A very good episode and a nice rebound from the previous week. Two very good matches. As much as I don’t like the guy, I have to give Chavo Guerrero credit for his work against Cage. The Mundo/Black/Evans team is Heels 101. They cheat and they are proud of it. Again, I don’t really like Evans but this trios team works. I’m still surprised they are doing Cage/Matanza next week. I would have liked to see other people in the Gift of the Gods match challenge Cage first. If not Cage/Matanza at Ultima Lucha, then I’m assuming that is Pentagon Jr’s spot.

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