WWE RAW News and Notes 5.30.16: John Cena Returns


-John Cena’s return started with him thanking the veterans on Memorial Day. He then said that the New Era would have to go through him. AJ Styles came out. There was a couple minute long dueling “Lets Go Cena/Lets Go Styles” chant. Anderson and Gallows came out and said they were here to make a statement like they did to the New Day earlier.

As Cena threw his shirt into the crowd, he turned around right into an AJ Styles superkick. Styles, Anderson and Gallows then beatdown Cena. Styles ran back into the ring a couple times before finally leaving. Styles said he did the world a favor.

JC’s Take: Well, that was an interesting swerve. Just last week Styles said he wanted to go his separate ways from Anderson and Gallows. And now this. Styles vs Cena is going to be a fun summer feud. It’s a match fans talked about seeing for years and now we are going to get it. Styles went all out wit Reigns, and I expect him to do the same with Cena.

-A match between the Vaudevillains and the New Day ended when Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson attacked the New Day. They took out Xaiver Woods and Kofi on the outside, then hit the Magic Killer on Big E in the ring.

JC’s Take: The Club did an interview later saying they are here to make a statement and that they are a threat even without AJ Styles. They said they were putting the tag team division on notice. I thought they would hold off on The Club vs New Day until SummerSlam and tease a New Day year long Title reign. But it looks like we are getting it a couple months early. Maybe they will do a Balor/AJ/Club for SummerSlam.

-Roman Reigns called out Seth Rollins. Rollins came out and teased getting into the ring multiple times before going to the back. He ran out once more but stopped.

JC’s Take: Talk about trying to strettttccchhhhhhh out a segment. Holy hell that went long and nowhere. What do they have planned for the next two weeks of this feud?

-In the main event, the team of Sami Zayn/Dean Ambrose/Cesaro beat Kevin Owens/Chris Jericho/Alberto del Rio.

JC’s Take: Good match to close out the show. Strong finishing sequence with everyone getting a big move in. The ending saw tension between Owens and Jericho which lead to the heels downfall. We still don’t know if there is going to be a seventh participant in the match or not.

Random Thoughts

-Steph called Charlotte an embarrassment for what she did to her father Ric last week. Wasn’t Stephanie the one who slapped Ric a couple weeks ago? Dana Brooke later beat Natalya. Becky Lynch saved Natalya after. Still no Sasha.

-Titus O’Neil looks to be the next challenger for Rusev’s United States Title. Kind of surprised Vince is putting Titus in a Title program immediately after his return.

-For those following that “Hatch” thing on the WWE Twitter, it was for WWE2K17. It revealed Goldberg as the special pre-order exclusive download.

OVERALL: The show was a pretty lackluster one. The first hour, especially the opening segment, dragged on for a pretty long time. The two main segments of the show (Cena/The Club and the main event) hit their marks. But it didn’t help save the rest of the show. With the Memorial Day holiday you might have seen this coming though. Hopefully things pick-up with two weeks left going into Money in the Bank. The WWE Title program needs an extra kick next week.

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