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It’s been awhile since I wrote an actual column. Part of that is because there isn’t a whole lot going on in the world of wrestling these days. The WWE announced a brand extension a little longer than a week after I wrote about it. I have some ideas. But watching RAW on Monday, one segment happened that just left me completely baffled.

After the WWE ran a video package recapping what happened with Charlotte and Ric Flair, they cut to Charlotte backstage. Out of nowhere Stephanie McMahon appeared. Stephanie called Charlotte an embarrassment as Champion. Steph called Charlotte a spoiled brat. Charlotte tried getting a word in, but Stephanie immediately shut her down and said that Charlotte isn’t a Champion but a waste of talent.

There were many things that rubbed me the wrong way with that segment. And quite frankly, everything Stephanie McMahon has been doing in the last few months has been completely asinine. Whoever wrote that segment must have amnesia. No less than two weeks ago, Stephanie McMahon slapped Ric Flair in the middle of the ring during the final segment of RAW. And if I recall correctly, Stephanie said something along the lines of “You may have respect for him Shane, but I don’t.” right before slapping Ric. So now all of the sudden, she has a soft spot for Ric Flair two weeks later? But of course, this is all in an effort to make Stephanie look strong.

This of course is nothing new for Stephanie McMahon and her character. I have never seen one person look so strong without getting what is suppose to be coming to her. Remember a couple weeks ago when she slapped a poor security guard, who TV wise was just doing his job escorting her from the building. How about that time she slapped poor Tom Philips at the end of RAW months ago? All he was doing was asking a simple question. It would have been great if during the next show, Tom filed assault charges against Stephanie. But no, Stephanie can never look weak.

If the WWE is insistent on having Stephanie McMahon becoming a global face of the company, then they should take her off of TV completely. Everything the WWE does with her on TV makes her look strong and whomever she interacts with look weak. How many times has Stephanie McMahon gotten what’s coming to her? About zero times. Yes, she took a Spear from Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania. But no one wanted to see Reigns Spear her (hehe), and it was quickly swept under the rug upon her return to TV.

The problem with Stephanie McMahon the television character is that there is no end game or meaning to her character. All she does is come out on TV every week, emasculate some member of the male roster, then go back to being the bitch boss. Of course now she is pretending to be good to help her brother run the WWE. I’m sure it is only a matter of time before that changes. Remember that time Stephanie herself  brought about the Divas Revolution? How involved was she with the decision making in that division after she made the announcement? But the WWE just had to have Stephanie McMahon in the spotlight when that announcement was made. Of course, that announcement itself caused the division to get off on the wrong foot. Instead of the women on the roster debuting naturally, it was forced and too scripted.

As a TV character Stephanie McMahon has not done one useful thing that I can remember since the start of 2016. And I can honestly make a good bet that it goes back even further. But it is tough to differentiate things when it comes to Stephanie McMahon because things always feel the same. At this point if she were to actually have a match with Charlotte I’d want to see Charlotte kick the crap out of her. To me, there is pretty much no point in having Stephanie McMahon on TV anymore unless she is going to start feeling some repercussions for her actions.

And if you didn’t notice a few weeks ago, I’m not the only person who noticed this as well:

I’m glad someone with a recent history in the wrestling business called her out on this. Not only that, but someone who is close friends with her husband as well. If Batista gets it, and pretty much everyone else who follows wrestling gets it, how does Stephanie McMahon and the WWE not get it?

If the WWE wants to make Stephanie McMahon a big PR deal for them and portray her as a strong woman in business I am fine with that. I have no problems whatsoever with it. But when it comes to TV and her character, the WWE needs to change course. What’s the point of having a heel in charge if they don’t get what is coming to them at the end?

At this point in her career, you almost have to wonder if Stephanie McMahon has buried more talents than her husband.

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