WWE RAW News And Notes For 6.6.16: Money In The Bank Build Continues


-John Cena called out AJ Styles and asked Styles why he attacked him last week. Styles said he has nothing left to lose and that he could run circles around Cena in the ring. Styles said he could go anywhere in the world and would be welcomed with open arms. Cena said Styles is already a bust in the WWE and if he couldn’t beat Roman Reigns, what makes him think he could beat him. Styles said he has The Club for protection and that he knows when you face someone like Cena he tries to bury you. The Club went to attack Cena, but New Day made the save.

In the main event, The Club defeated New Day. Xaiver was taken out before the match. The Club beat down New Day after the match until Cena made the save. Cena took out Anderson and Gallows twice before AJ took him out. Kofi and Big E recovered to even the odds as the faces stood tall to close the show.

JC’s Take: Poor Anderson and Gallows can’t stand up to the superfaces of the WWE in Cena and Reigns. They always come off as chumps against those two. The promo exchange was very good and Styles didn’t seem out of place one bit with Cena. Match was just okay.

-Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns did not appear on the show. They both had separate video packages done for them.

JC’s Take: The WWE Production team might be the best in the business. The video packages they put together for these two were great. But if you watch the video package for Rollins, it is pretty much impossible for you to boo him. Reigns video was fine, but it just didn’t have the emotion and hook of Rollins. If this were ten, fifteen years ago, I would say a double turn is coming.

-RAW started with all six participants in the Money in the Bank match on ladders doing a promo. They later all had matches: Cesaro beat Chris Jericho, Alberto del Rio beat Sami Zayn and Dean Ambrose beat Kevin Owens. After his match Ambrose climbed a ladder to get to the MITB briefcase, but Owens knocked him off.

JC’s Take: The matches were okay. I was actually disappointed in them as I was expecting more. I’m ok with Zayn losing because he can be the ultimate underdog in defeat. Del Rio needs a couple wins so the WWE can play the “momentum” card going into the show.

Other Notes

-The Vaudevillains beat Enzo and Cass via DQ. The Vaudevillains tried to injure Enzo again. This caused Big Cass to snap. It’s character development for both teams, but I’m concerned they are going to break-up Enzo and Cass before it is time to do so.

-Teddy Long appeared during the opening segment. He didn’t even make a tag match. Later on, he suggested a Fatal 4 Way for the Tag Titles at Money in the Bank to Stephanie McMahon: New Day vs Anderson and Gallows vs The Vaudevillains vs Enzo and Cass. Steph told Teddy to leave, then stole his idea and told marketing she thought of it.

-Becky and Natalya tried to get Dana Brooke to change her mind when it comes to hanging out with Charlotte. Dana teased leaving, but attacked Becky and Natalya with Charlotte.

-Rusev beat Jack Swagger via countout after he tossed Swagger into Titus O’Neil sitting at ringside. After the match, Titus and Swagger took out Rusev. I could get behind a Swagger/Titus team after this Rusev feud is done.

-We almost got our Teddy Long tag match with Fandango/Tyler Breeze and Goldust/R-Truth, but security escorted Teddy Long out of the building. But not before Steph could bury him.

OVERALL: I thought the show was just okay. With the matches that ended up taking place, I expected a lot better from this show. But all of the MITB matches and the main event felt a bit rushed. None of them were stand out matches. The Styles/Cena promo segment was good as were the Rollins/Reigns video packages. But there were no really standout moments on the show. Everything kind of felt there.

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