Lucha Underground Season 2 Episode 20 Review: The Road To Ultima Lucha Begins

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-Black Lotus goes into Dario’s office. She tells him that Dragon Azteca Jr found where Dario keeps his brother, but she stopped him from doing anything. She wondered why, and said Dario better not be lying to her. Dario said at Ultima Lucha, she will fight Dragon Azteca Jr and if she wins, she can take Azteca’s mask back to the Black Lotus triad.

Marty “The Moth” Martinez vs Killshot

-Melissa Santos can’t even finish announcing Marty’s name because she is too creeped out by him.

-Marty calls out Killshot. Remember last time Marty stole Killshot’s dog tags.

-The match doesn’t even make it to the ring. Both men brawl outside. Marty powerbombs Killshot into the rails, but Killshot recovers and tosses Marty into the announce table. The match ends in a double countout.

-Mr. Cisco is questioned by Cortez Castro, Joey Ryan and the Lieutenant. They ask Mr. Cisco to wear a wire to try and catch Dario Cueto. He’s reluctant at first, but then seems ready to agree.

Nunchuck Match: PJ Black and Jack Evans vs Drago and Aerostar

-Poor Melissa Santos. Jack Evans takes the mic from her to finish his introduction.

-Nunchucks are surrounding the ring and are legal. I hope one of them light up.

-Aerostar and Drago hit a couple nice looking tandem moves. Drago flapjacks Aerostar onto Evans and Aerostar powerbombs him, then Evans eats a Drago superkick.

-PJ Black dives through Evans legs onto the faces on the floor. Then Evans hits a moonsault onto the faces.

-Evans finally gets a pair of nunchucks that were all the way up the stairs and uses them.

-Drago is able to get the pair above the storage room and takes out the heels.

-Evans walks the rails above Dario’s office and dives over some fans onto Aerostar.

-Evans loses the nunchucks and Aerostar intercepts them when they are tossed back up. Evans is hanging from the top of Dario’s office and eventually falls onto Black. Aerostar then hits a crossbody off the roof of Dario’s office onto the heels.

-The faces take control in the ring and Drago uses his Dragon pin to pick up the win.

WINNERS: Aerostar and Drago- Fun match. It was a good return to the temple for Aerostar and Drago as they have been missing for awhile. Aerostar’s dive off the roof was nice. I’m assuming this is leading to Fenix joining them against the Trios Champs at Ultima Lucha.

Prince Puma, The Mack, Sexy Star, Son of Havoc, Rey Mysterio Jr and Texano vs Johnny Mundo, Taya, Fenix, King Cuerno, Ivelisse and Chavo Guerrero

-The winning team in this match will then face off against each other next week, with the winner of that match facing Matanza at Ultima Lucha.

-As Chavo comes out, Pentagon Jr rides out on his motorized wheelchair. Pentagon tells Chavo that he was the only one to support him. But now, he will destroy Chavo. Pentagon attacks Chavo and breaks his arm.

This is the greatest night in the history of our sport. 

-Dario allows Pentagon to take Chavo’s place in the match.

-Taya and Ivelisse, despite being on the same team, continue to show tension between each other.

-Pentagon finally gets into the ring and squares off with The Mack. Mack uses his strength at first, but Pentagon moves out of the way of a dive and lands some stiff kicks.

-Mack is able to recover and takes out Pentagon with a superkick, then takes out Fenix with a version of the pounce as Fenix is mid-air.

-Rey Mysterio comes in and hits most of his signature offense but not much else. That seems to be the story of Rey in LU.

-Texano works over Mundo. Taya tries to stop him so Texano grabs her and tosses her head first into Mundo’s crotch.


-Rey goes to hit one but Mundo pulls him down. Puma then catches Mundo with a dropkick, putting Mundo in position to eat a 619. Puma goes to the top, but Mundo kicks Rey into Puma. That crotches Puma on the top.

-Mundo hits an enziguri on Rey, then hits a C-4 from the top on Puma to pick up a win for his team.

WINNERS: Pentagon Jr, Fenix, Ivelisse, King Cuerno, Johnny Mundo and Taya- Fun match with non-stop action throughout. I think it is fairly obvious who is winning the match next week.

-We cut to a shot of King Cuerno’s cabin. Catrina is there with the stone and tells Mil Muertes to rise again. Mil wakes up and breaks through the glass Cuerno had him in.

OVERALL- Second straight good episode of LU as the scene for Ultima Lucha looks to be taking shape. I mentioned what I believe the Trios Title match will be. Then it looks like we will have Matanza/Pentagon, Mil Muertes/King Cuerno, Black Lotus/Dragon Azteca Jr, Rey/Puma and Marty/Killshot. Both matches had some good fast paced action and I don’t believe ever had a dull moment.

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