Quick Hits- NXT Takeover: The End

“The Perfect 10” Tye Dillinger vs Andrade “Cien” Almas

-What is Tom Phillips wearing? A red leather/pleather suitcoat? You can do better.

-Almas is La Sombra. I’ve heard go things but have never seen him wrestle.

-Almas catches Dillinger going to the mat with a dropkick, then stops himself in the ropes going for a dive to the outside.

-After recovering from a Dillinger backbreaker, Almas goes to the top for a moonsault, Dillinger moves but Almas lands standing and hits a moonsault anyways.

-Dillinger hits a nice looking superkick as Almas is balancing head first on the corner.

-Almas catches Dillinger with knees to the back, then hits a double knee in the corner for the win.

WINNER: Andrade “Cien” Almas- Strong first showing for Almas. He was in a tough spot because the crowd loves Dillinger and the majority of the crowd was behind him. I think Almas will have to show a bit more personality in the coming weeks. I’m surprised the WWE actually gave him such a long name.

NXT Tag Team Championship: American Alpha (c) vs The Revival

-American Alpha has the upper hand early. Jason Jordan throws a nice dropkick.

-Both teams have a standoff which ends in Gable and Jordan putting ankle locks on the Revival. Nice Spot.

-Corey Graves makes a good point that American Alpha is throwing The Revival off their game early. See what happens when you have competent announcing?

-It looks like The Revival finally have the upperhand. Dawson sends Gable to the outside with an uppercut. They go after Jordan, but he ducks their offense and Gable hits a dive off the top.

-The Revival finally get the better of American Alpha. With the ref’s back turned they drop Gable head first on the ropes.

-Scott Dawson hits a Spinebuster on Gable while looking at Jordan. That’s a nice touch.

-Wilder gets caught in an armbar in the ropes from Gable. But Dawson tags in and takes out the legs of Gable as he goes for a tag.

-Gable finally makes the hot tag to Jordan as he crawls between the legs of both members of The Revival.

-Both teams exchange double team moves. Gable applies the Ankle Lock but Dawson rolls out of it.

-Wilder goes for a double team move. But Gable reverses an attempted splash mid-air into a belly-to-belly.

-American Alpha goes for their finisher, but Dawson shoves Gable out of the ring. The Revival then hits the Shatter Machine for the win.

-After the match, two Samoan looking men come out and attack American Alpha. As they finish taking them out, PAUL FREAKING ELLERING, former manage of the Road Warriors, comes out on the stage. He goes to the back with the mystery men.

WINNERS and NEW NXT Tag Team Champions: The Revival- Hell of a match. I think I liked their Dalls match better, but this one was just as great. It’s the emotion of the first win for American Alpha that makes the first one better. The first five minutes were great, with American Alpha getting the better of the Revival every step of the way. Great exchanges by both teams. I hope there is a trilogy between these teams. The post match beatdown and Paul Ellering gives this new team some heat and legitamacy right away. Their names are apparently Selmani and Dhinsa according to Dave Meltzer. Don’t know what they will go by in NXT.

Austin Aries vs Shinsuke Nakamura

-Aries is sporting the DDP Taped ribs look. Graves suggests that Aries is faking out Nakamura and may not really be hurt.

-How do you not love Nakamura’s entrance?

-Nakamura taunts Aries a little. Nakamura barely misses a kick to the head of Aries. He then picks at the tape on Aries ribs and lands a handful of knees.

-Nakamura gives the boot to Aries in the corner a couple times. But when he goes for a third Aries stops him and hits a single leg takedown.

-Aries goes for a senton from the apron but Nakamura gets his knees up. But Aries catches a charging Nakamura with an elbow.

-Aries continues to work over the left leg of Nakamura. They know I’m a sucker for some ring psychology.

-Nakamura’s comeback is thwarted by Austin Aries. Aries ends up hitting a suicide dive to the outside on Nakamura.

-Aries takes his time and gets caught in a triangle choke from Nakamura. Aries gets his foot on the ropes.

-Nakamura goes for Kinshasa but Aries moves and applies the Last Chancery but this time Nakamura gets to the ropes.

-Both men exchange blows on the apron. Nakamura hits an enziguri. But Aries catches Nakamura with a Death Valley Driver on the apron. Ouch.

-Aries tries to catch Nakamura on the outside but Nakamura dives and Aries goes right into the barrier.

Back in the ring, Nakamura hits a knee to the head off the top, followed by a reverse exploder and Kinshasa for the win.

WINNER: Shinsuke Nakamura- Outstanding match. Much more physical than Nakamura/Zayn. Every move each man delivered looked like it hurt, and that’s what you want to see in a wrestling match. I’m guessing Nakamura moves on to Samoa Joe at NXT Brooklyn.

NXT Women’s Championship: Asuka (c) vs Nia Jax

-Nia Jax is too pretty to try and be pushed as an unstoppable monster.

-Asuka tries using her speed early, but Nia catches her and tosses Asuka by her hair to the corner.

-Wait were there really fans trying to start a “We Want Eva” chant? I hope they were escorted from the building.

-Nia is slowing down the match. Asuka tries applying a rear choke, but Nia get out of it with a suplex.

-Every move Asuka goes for, Nia counters with a power move.

-Nia goes for her leg drop but Asuka moves and starts her comeback with a barrage of kicks and chops.

-Asuka goes for an enziguri but Nia powerbombs her. After a nonchalant cover Asuka applies an armbar but Nia again powers out of it.

-Asuka goes for the Asuka Lock but Nia escapes. But Asuka comes back with four straight kicks to the head of Nia Jax to pick up the win.

WINNER and STILL NXT Women’s Champion- Asuka: Decent match. Nia looked strong even in defeat, taking everything that Asuka threw at her. I was concerned Nia would end up looking weak taking another loss but this was not the case. The right woman went over. This was just a placeholder for Asuka/Bayley 2.

-During an interview with William Regal earlier, Bobby Roode is shown walking behind him. Someone comes up to Regal and tells him something. Regal cuts the interview short and goes to meet with Roode, presumably.

Cage Match For The NXT Championship: Samoa Joe (c) vs Finn Balor


-Oh wait nevermind, Finn just decided to crawl up the top of it because reasons.

-Finn is the first person to be tossed into the cage.

-Joe continues to have the upperhand and tosses Balor into the cage a couple more times then hits a nasty looking German suplex.

-Both men are on the top rope. Joe jumps and kicks Balor in the back as they both fall to the mat.

-Finn finally gets some offense in and kicks Joe into the cage. Finn hits a nice kick to the face, but Finn falls and crotches himself on the ropes.

-Both men end up on the top again and Finn hits the Slingblade from the top.

-Joe moves out of the way of a Finn kick. Joe hits the Musclebuster but only gets two.

-Finn escapes a crucifix toss into the cage and tosses Joe into the cage a couple of times. He lands some more kicks in the corner then hits the Coup da Grace but only gets a two.

-Finn tries escaping but Samoa Joe stops him and pulls him back into the cage. Joe hits a Musclebuster from the second rope to pick up the win.

WINNER: Samoa Joe- Not a bad match. I know people tend to be overly critical of these two’s matches. I liked the Dallas match. This one was good but also plagued by the normal nuances that are wrestling cage matches.

OVERALL- Very good show with the Tag Titles match and Nakamura/Aries the standout matches. The other three matches were good and held their own as well. As I said above, I was impressed with Nia Jax’s performance in the Title match. The Joe/Balor feud needed to come to an end. I’m assuming Balor is on his way up to the main roster soon enough. The Dallas Takeover show was better, but this was not a bad show by any means. I’d probably give it a solid 7/10 overall.

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