WWE RAW News and Notes For 6.13.16: Final RAW Before Money In The Bank


-The opening segment saw all 4 teams in the Tag Title match this Sunday get some mic time. The New Day started, with Kofi wearing those ugly new Steph Curry shoes and getting made fun of for it. Enzo and Cass came on next. Enzo apparently was with Franshesca 2 the other night. But Xaiver said he is the only one who blows his girl. The heels then came out to interrupt things. An eight man tag took place, with Anderson and Gallows picking up the win for them and the Vaudevillains against New Day and Enzo and Cass.

JC’s Take: The talking between all four teams was entertaining and weird at the same time. From sneakers to having sex with a trombone to seriousness all in one segment. If you go with the traditional “win on TV, lose on the PPV” theory, then Anderson and Gallows aren’t winning Sunday. I’m actually not sure who is winning this Sunday. Definitely a different opening segment with non-maineventers involved. But that is good.

-Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns were guests of Dean Ambrose on the Ambrose Asylum. After some early joking around, Seth talked about ruining Roman Reigns moment at Wrestlemania and doing everything on his own. He also said Roman earned the Title while he was gone, but Roman still never beat him for it. Roman dropped his “the guy” line. Ambrose went on to say that maybe he will win Money in the Bank and cash in on whoever wins their match this Sunday. Seth then shoved Dean into Roman, Dean went after Seth, Roman came back and Superman punched Seth, then Dean hit Dirty Deeds on Roman.

JC’s Take: The segment started off flat then picked up some momentum towards the end. A Shield Triple Threat match has so much potential down the line. Ambrose has been considered an afterthought by some people in the last few months. But Ambrose did a good job of re-introducing himself as a threat in this segment.

-John Cena and AJ Styles had a contract signing for their match Sunday. Cena had two contracts: One where it allowed Styles to have The Club at ringside, the other banned them from ringside. Cena tossed insults at Styles, saying he was the leader of the Bitch then Bull Club. Styles said that if the Powers That Be didn’t prevent it, he would have been in the WWE a long time ago and Cena wouldn’t have become the star he is today. Styles ended up signing the contract that banned The Club from ringside.

JC’s Take: I actually liked this segment better than The Shield segment. Styles hasn’t looked out of place on the mic against Cena. And the WWE is doing a good job of hyping this match up as a big one, especially by hyping up Styles as the big time star that he is. If the feud is to be an extended one, I still think Styles needs to win this Sunday. Do they give Styles a clean win now? That would be pretty insane to think about.

-The main event saw Dean Ambrose defeat Chris Jericho. After the match, all six Money in the Bank participants brawled. Sami Zayn hit a swanton from the top to the outside. This left Jericho all alone to climb the ladder and grab the briefcase as RAW came to an end.

JC’s Take: The show also saw Sami Zayn defeat Cesaro in a fun but short match. Owens and Del Rio also beat the Lucha Dragons to keep their spots in the match. Outside of Del Rio, I could see a case being made for any other competitor to win the MITB match.

OVERALL: The show lacked a big time feel that they are trying to make Money in the Bank feel like. All of the matches will be good, but this go home show didn’t really build the hype. I think the best segment was the Cena/Styles contract signing. The Club being banned from ringside adds a new twist to the match. You wouldn’t even know the undercard if you were following the show. Apollo/Sheamus had a quick brawl. The women got no entrances and a two minute match. It was more Divas than Women’s. The show just didn’t sell Money in the Bank well.

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