Lucha Underground Season 2 Episode 21 Review: Who Will Face Matanza At Ultima Lucha?

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Six To Survive Elimination #1 Contender Match: King Cuerno vs Ivelisse vs Johnny Mundo vs Taya vs Fenix vs Pentagon Jr

-Fenix holds Mundo with his legs spread to go for the Dudley Boyz “WHATZZZ UP” headbutt from the top. But Pentagon lands on Mundo’s crotch feet first instead of head first. Ouch.

-King Cuerno and Fenix toss Ivelisse to the outside, and almost over Mundo and Pentagon. Cuerno then catches Fenix with a nice looking superkick that Fenix sells like death.

-Cuerno goes for the Thrill of the Hunt, but Mil Muertes returns and spears Cuerno. He lands some punches on Cuerno then powerbombs him. Mil has blood-like red eyes now. Mundo comes in and hits the End of the World and eliminates Cuerno.

***King Cuerno Eliminated***

-Fenix refuses to punch Ivelisse, so he pays for it with a couple chops and a hurricarrana from her.

-Mundo and Taya try to double team Ivelisse, but Ivelisse ends up getting the upperhand by knocking out Mundo with an enziguri. Ivelisse and Taya brawl for a bit. Taya hits a northern lights suplex then a double stomp on Ivelisse to eliminate her.

***Ivelisse Eliminated***

-Pentagon delivers a hard kick into the lady parts of Taya. Pentagon continues to deliver kick after kick to Taya on the outside.

-The fake crowd noise is really apparent in this episode. It’s almost as bad as Smackdown.

-All four competitors go back and forth in the ring for a couple minutes. Nice flow of action going on.

-Fenix stomps the back of Mundo on the apron while Pentagon hits the package piledriver on Taya in the ring to eliminate her.

***Taya Eliminated***

-All three men have a chop fest in the center of the ring.

-Mundo tosses Fenix to the ropes but Fenix stops his momentum and flips off Mundo. He then gets Mundo to try and dive to the outside. Fenix catches Mundo with a kick to the head. Pentagon then hits a dive to the outside onto both of them.

-Pentagon and Fenix knock each other out. Mundo then hits a corkscrew dive from the top.

-It’s Mundo’s turn to dominate both men in the ring. He hits a standing C4 on Fenix.

-Mundo tosses both men into the corner but Fenix ends up on the top. He double stomps Mundo. Pentagon then tries to roll up Fenix but Fenix ends up on top of Mundo and pins him to eliminate Mundo.

***Johnny Mundo Eliminated***

-Fenix’s spinning springboard dive to the outside always looks great. Especially when the camera doesn’t cut to the person on the outside until right after Fenix takes off.

-Fenix tosses Pentagon up in the corner, but Pentagon gets his legs around the neck of Fenix and reverses Fenix into a nice piledriver.

-Pentagon goes to the top but Fenix rolls to him and hits a jumping palm strike. He then rolls to Pentagon again and jumps onto the top rope and hits a springboard hurricarrana.

-Matt Striker does a good job on commentary pointing out that these two started at LU on the same night.

-Fenix goes for the double stomp on the apron but Pentagon moves and catches Fenix with a superkick.

-Pentagon hits a Mexican Destroyer. Nice.

-Both men reset in the ring and exchange chops and slaps to the face.

-Pentagon ends up getting the upperhand and hits ANOTHER Mexican Destroyer then rolls right into a Package Piledriver to pick up the win.

***Fenix Eliminated***

WINNER and #1 Contender For The Lucha Underground Championship: Pentagon Jr

-Matanza and Dario Cueto appear at the top of the stairs. Pentagon tells them he will break every bone in both of their bodies at Ultima Lucha.

OVERALL: Whenever Lucha Underground has these one match shows, they always deliver. This match did that. There was constant action throughout the entire match. And the rest spots didn’t even seem like rest spots. Solid work by everyone involved with the match. Taya continues to impress me in the ring, especially with the amount of punishment she takes. Pentagon winning was pretty obvious, as it is what they have been building to all season. Mil Muertes returning sets up Mil/Cuerno as well. Very good match and set up for Ultima Lucha on this show.

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