Jerry Lawler And His Fiancee Arrested

WWE announcer and Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler and his fiancee Lauryn McBride were both arrested early Friday morning on charges of domestic assault.

The WWE released the following statement in regards to the arrest: “WWE has zero tolerance for matters involving domestic violence, and per our policy, Jerry Lawler has been suspended indefinitely following his arrest.”

The altercation took place at Lawler’s home in Memphis. The police arrested both individuals because they could not determine who started the fight.

According to McBride, Lawler hit her in the head and pushed her into the stove. He then brought an unloaded pistol into the room and told her to kill herself.

According to Lawler, McBride was intoxicated and scratched him in the face, threw a candle at him and kicked him in the groin. Lawler also says that she was the one who brought the gun into the room.

My guess is that this is the end of Lawler’s WWE career. He’s 66 years old. Despite his good work with Mauro Ranallo on Smackdown, the WWE can easily move on from him and bring up Corey Graves from NXT.

Justin C