WWE Money In The Bank Preview

The WWE is hyping this Money in the Bank as the biggest Money in the Bank show ever. It’ll have to be close to perfect for the show to top the 2011 show. The CM Punk/John Cena WWE Title match from that show is still one of the best matches from the last decade. But there is a lot to like about this show. Cena/Styles should be great, as should the WWE Title Match. And the MITB ladder match has a good mix of participants. So could it be the best ever? Yes. But lets see what happens with the show first before calling it the greatest Money in the Bank ever.

golden/breeze mitb

The Golden Truth vs Breezango

I like Tyler Breeze and Fandango as a tag team. They’ll probably never be a threat to win the Tag Titles. But both men work well together. And at least the WWE paid off all of those Truth/Goldust segments. But this feud needs to die quicker than Donald Trump’s bid for President. I’m giving the win to Breezango.

WINNERS: Breezango

dudleyz/lucha mitb

The Lucha Dragons vs The Dudley Boyz

Remember when the Dudleyz return was a big deal? Yeah me too. Kalisto is back with Sin Cara afte losing the US Title. I don’t think it really matters who wins here. I’ll give the win to the Lucha Dragons.

WINNERS: Lucha Dragons

Ziggler/Corbin MITB

Dolph Ziggler vs Baron Corbin

Apparently this is still a thing. You wouldn’t know it from watching RAW. At Extreme Rules Corbin won a No DQ match with a low blow. Then Ziggler bitched about in on RAW. Even though Corbin won fair and square due to the match rules. Ziggler does nothing for me anymore. Corbin wins.

WINNER: Baron Corbin

Crews/Sheamus MITB

Apollo Crews vs Sheamus

Crews has gotten lost in the shuffle since his main roster debut. This is a nice little feud for Crews to get his feet wet with. Sheamus is a credible enough heel that the match outcome will seem like a big deal to the fans. Sheamus was recently WWE Champion. Hopefully Sheamus isn’t too stiff with Crews. Sheamus really shouldn’t sniff the main event scene again, but he is perfectly fine as a mid-carder working with younger talent. The WWE is so 50/50 when it comes to their booking that whoever loses here will probably pick up a win on RAW in a rematch. I’m giving Apollo the win here. It helps him more than Sheamus.

WINNER: Apollo Crews

Women Tag MITB

Dana Brooke and Charlotte vs Natalya and Becky Lynch

They’re really stretching things out until Sasha Banks is brought into the Title picture aren’t they? This feud just keeps going in circles and circles. I would have much rather seen Becky get a Title shot at this show. I still think she deserves a Title run at some point this year. Her puns are pretty funny on the mic and she is much better than Natalya.

Charlotte continues to show improvement as an overall performer. I think she has grown into her heel role. Some people will nitpick and say she can’t act and has no cadence with her promos. But compare it to when she first turned heel and things are better. Dana Brooke still has a ways to go to even get to the level of anyone else in this match. I hope the rumors of her getting a big push in the future aren’t true. She’s been nothing but a decent sidekick at best.

I’ll give the heels the win here. Charlotte will pick up another win and maybe beat Paige at Battleground to set up a huge showdown with Sasha Banks at SummerSlam.

WINNERS: Charlotte and Dana Brooke

Tag Titles MITB

Fatal 4 Way For The WWE Tag Team Championship: New Day (c) vs Enzo and Cass vs Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson vs The Vaudevillains

The only four teams in the WWE tag team division all square off in this match here. When it comes to tag team fatal four ways, I prefer that they be elimination. When it comes to singles matches I have no problem with one fall to a finish. Just a preference I guess.

This is a tough one to call. With SummerSlam two months away, that is where you normally want to save your big title changes for. New Day won the Tag Titles at SummerSlam last year. Does the WWE give the New Day the full reign of a year? Their act is still over, but some of their stuff just isn’t hitting the same note that it used to. It almost seems like the tag titles are just a prop with no meaning to them anymore.

Eventually the tag titles will find their way to either Gallows and Anderson as well as Enzo and Cass. Gallows and Anderson faced the wraths of Super Cena and Roman Reigns so far in the WWE. They could use the Tag Titles to help build them back up. Enzo and Cass will get their big win that they never got down in NXT. I think it is too soon for them though. I don’t see them losing steam any time soon.

Sorry Vaudevillains fans. While they may have been better than expected, they still aren’t winning here.

The New Day needs some kind of direction change, and losing the Tag Titles may just give them that. To who though? I’m going to go with Gallows and Anderson. At the moment, they benefit the most from winning the Tag Titles. Hopefully this gives the New Day a much needed serious edge to their characters.

WINNERS: Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson


United States Championship: Rusev (c) vs Titus O’Neil

I still find it funny that Titus O’Neil went from suspension to a Title match. Is this Vince’s way of saying that he knows he screwed up by suspending Titus? I doubt that this is the case but it makes you think. Titus has great charisma and is a great ambassador for the WWE. But as a singles wrestler, I just don’t see him having too much breakout potential. He works fine as a member of the tag team, which is why I think a Titus O’Neil/Jack Swagger tag team makes sense.

Rusev and Lana continue get better and better each week. See what happens when you get him out of the awful League of Nations and let him do his own thing? I think Rusev has potential greater than the US Title. But for the time being, Rusev holding it and continuing to win helps elevate the Title in the process. Maybe not in the same way as he did before or the way Cena did, but it still helps.

Part of me thinks Titus O’Neil wins in an upset here. But I’m leaning Rusev. If I knew a bigger feud was in line for Rusev, I’d be tempted to give Titus the win. But I’ll say Rusev retains.


Cena/Styles MITB

John Cena vs AJ Styles

The WWE likes to cram the phase “dream match” down our throats with this one. It is a dream match, but I hate how much the WWE used the term over the last two weeks.

It’s the face of the WWE vs the face of, well, that promotion that for some reason the WWE is still afraid to mention. Why would they be afraid of mentioning TNA? The company barely had enough money to air their last PPV.

AJ Styles has certainly lived up to his phenomenal nickname since coming to the WWE. The last two matches he had with Roman Reigns were outstanding. He’s come right into the WWE and looked every bit like the top wrestler in the world. Not only that, but Styles has stood toe to toe with Cena on the mic since this program has started. Many were worried that Styles would get pushed down the card after his consecutive losses to Roman Reigns. But that has not been the case. You could even argue this feud is bigger than the Roman Reigns one.

At this point I really hope that the people who still boo John Cena are just doing it for fun. Because if you still think Cena isn’t good and can’t wrestle, then I think you may not know what it takes to be a good wrestler. His 2015 prior to his injury featured some of his best matches of his career. And when Cena gets into serious Cena mode, his promos are on point. This has been the best built feud leading into Money in the Bank, and I’d bet money that it is the best match of the night as well.

So who wins? The “No Anderson/Gallows at ringside” stipulation adds a bit of intrigue to the match for me. Does the WWE actually let Styles win here over Cena? You may laugh at the idea. But don’t forget, Kevin Owens did beat John Cena clean in his first match on the main roster. So the idea isn’t that out here. Could Finn Balor possibly debut? I doubt it. I really hope the WWE lets this match happen without interference. I may be crazy, but I’m picking AJ Styles to win here. A Styles win, by whatever means, is the only thing that makes sense if they want the feud to continue. If Cena wins the first match, it kind of puts an end to the feud. Styles shocks the world and wins.


MITB Ladder Match

Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Kevin Owens vs Alberto del Rio vs Cesaro vs Sami Zayn vs Dean Ambrose vs Chris Jericho

This has the makings of a pretty good ladder match. And I’m glad that the WWE kept the participants in the match at six. Anything more than that makes the field too cluttered. It’s time to give some odds to everyone involved with the match.

Alberto del Rio, 50:1- The least likely of all the competitors to win. Del Rio just lacks the same type of charisma that the rest of the competitors have in this match. As a past MITB winner, having him in the match makes sense. But I just don’t see him winning. His cash in would not be inspiring at all.

Chris Jericho, 30:1- Jericho suffers from the “look good on TV, lose at PPV” line of thinking here. Jericho was the last man standing at the end of RAW as he climbed the ladder and grabbed the briefcase with everyone else down. I’m pretty sure Jericho is going on tour with Fozzy soon, so he will be off TV for a bit. Although, Jericho winning and vanishing with the briefcase would be something different. It would get the Money in the Bank contract out of the minds of the fans. But the WWE doesn’t think like that.

Cesaro and Sami Zayn, 15:1- Both of these men get the same odds because it seems like both of them are in the same spot. Zayn and Cesaro are both faces who could use the Money in the Bank contract to springboard them into the main event scene. Cesaro has always had the in ring work down, but it was his character that lacked any kind of substance. That has changed with the new James Bond-like look of Cesaro. Sami Zayn is an underdog face that the fans want to get behind and see succeed. In a way, he could be almost as big as Daniel Bryan in that regard. MITB would make a little more success for Cesaro. I’d prefer Zayn to get a built in story for his first Title win if that ever happens.

Dean Ambrose, 8:1- Ambrose’s odds have risen over the last couple weeks. If this was two weeks ago, I probably would have put him behind Zayn and Cesaro. But the WWE did a pretty strong tease of Ambrose winning and cashing in at Money in the Bank this Sunday during the Ambrose Asylum. Ambrose has picked up some wins as of late. But his character really needs to change it up a bit. He’s too wacky and crazy at times. He really needs to be more like Roddy Piper: joke around but also be serious when need be. Considering that Ambrose is still over despite the bad booking, it shows that he could be even more over with a character overhaul.

Kevin Owens, 6:1- I think the safe bet on the win is still Owens. The Money in the Bank contract makes sense for him. Owens doesn’t care about anyone else but himself. He’s made a big statement before. And he’s not afraid to seize the opportunity if given the chance. Owens is great on the mic. His constant bickering at Michael Cole is great. I think Owens would benefit the most from the win here. If he cashes in and wins, Owens is instantly looked at as a top level heel. For the fans that still have doubts, this win erases all of that.

WINNER: Dean Ambrose- Yes, I personally gave Owens the best odds to win. But the WWE has gone with the sneaky heel win for their last two cash ins. They have to change it up. Honestly, outside of Alberto del Rio, you could make a viable case for anyone in this match winning. But I think Ambrose gets the win and we get a quicker than normal cash in out of this.


WWE Championship: Roman Reigns (c) vs Seth Rollins

So we are all suppose to remember that Seth Rollins promo from a few weeks ago right? That one where he said he didn’t need the fans and he did all of this on his own. Yeah, that isn’t happening. Seth Rollins is going to be cheered pretty heavily on Sunday. And Roman Reigns is going to get booed. There is no way of avoiding it. And the way the WWE built this feud up just leaves you scratching your head. That Rollins video package from a few weeks made him look like the ultimate comeback babyface.

There’s really nothing the WWE can do to save Roman Reigns at this point. I can’t think of one thing. And at this point, even if you turn Reigns heel, the fans will still hate him for being on top. The boos will just sound better because he would be a heel being booed. A double turn here would make so much sense, with Reigns possibly enlisting the help of Triple H to win. But Vince and Co. are so hell bent on shoving Reigns down our throats that I bet that thought hasn’t even crossed their minds.

If Dean Ambrose wins the Money in the Bank contract, there are a whole lot of outcomes to think about. I still think Ambrose would be a quick cash in. But I don’t know if the WWE would do it on the actual night of the show. I see Battleground having a good amount of rematches on it, so something screwy might happen here. Reigns in no way, shape or form can go over Rollins clean here. It’d be the dumbest thing possible. But it is really tough thinking of an outcome where everyone comes out okay. I’m going with a Roman Reigns win via DQ. Rollins looks to be in trouble and takes out Reigns with a chair to get DQ’d. After, Ambrose comes out and teases cashing in. But Rollins catches him with a Pedigree.

WINNER via DQ: Roman Reigns

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