WWE RAW News & Notes For 6.20.16: Dean Ambrose Runs The Asylum


-RAW started with Dean Ambrose. He talked about hard work finally paying off and all the partying he did last night. Roman Reigns came out and said last night wasn’t his night and congratulated Ambrose. Reigns wanted his rematch but Seth Rollins interrupted. Rollins said he beat Reigns fair and square and didn’t rightfully lose his Title. Shane made Seth vs Roman for later in the night to determine the #1 Contender. The match ended in a double countout. Dean said he would fight them both, so Shane made a Triple Threat at Battleground.

JC’s Take: I’m really disappointed they are doing the Shield Triple Threat at Battleground. Sure, it will have five weeks build. But that match was the money match the WWE fans have been waiting for. The WWE better pray that Brock doesn’t get knocked out at UFC 200. If he gets hurt in any way, he probably can’t fight at SummerSlam. You would have to assume Brock is in the main event. It is a big risk on the WWE’s part.

-AJ Styles came out and demanded an “apology” from Gallows and Anderson about last night. They did, and then they “apologized” to John Cena. Cena said last night, Styles proved he doesn’t have any balls or he can’t keep his word.The crowd got behind Cena after that. Styles said Cena could have a match against any member of the Club, except him. Styles chose Karl Anderson. Gallows and Styles interrupted mid-match and beatdown Cena.

JC’s Take: The mock apologies by Styles and The Club were kind of funny. And once again, serious Cena was great with his promo and actually got a Cena chant going. Roman Reigns has never done that. It’s quite obvious this feud is continuing. Maybe with Cena getting some reinforcements in the near future.

-Charlotte defeated Paige in a match for the Women’s Title. Dana Brooke botched the ending when she failed to get Charlotte’s foot on the ropes and got it under instead. After the match, THE BOSS Sasha Banks returned to confront Charlotte. Sasha and Paige stood tall after. Earlier backstage, Natalya attacked Becky Lynch. Natty said she’s watching out for only herself from now on.

JC’s Take: Multiple feuds once again going on in the Women’s Division. I’m assuming they will go the tag match route again at Battleground with Sasha/Paige vs Charlotte/Dana. Maybe we get Becky/Natalya on the pre-show. It’s great to see Sasha back. But part of me wishes Becky got a Title win at some point.

-The Wyatt Family returned. Not even a minute into their promo, the New Day came out. Xaiver Woods seemed hypnotized by Bray and missed his “WWE Tag Team Champions” line. Bray said New Day will fall.

JC’s Take: I said last night that the New Day needed to lose the Titles to freshen up their act. The team of Rowan/Strowman is not the team I was thinking of. New Day can feud with pretty much anyone at this point thought and it will work. I’ll be interested to see how the crowd splits.

-Sami Zayn beat Kevin Owens. They brawled after the match and backstage. I’m assuming they fight again at Battleground. And I also think they may be split up at the Draft.

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