Lucha Underground Season 2 Episode 22 Review: Medallions On The Line

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-Sorry for the delay here. I’ve worked until 6 the last three days and then did something immediately after. This is the first time I’ve been able to sit down in 3 days without falling asleep.

-Dario is in his office with a new luchador called Night Claw. Dario gives him a medallion for the Gift of the Gods match at Ultima Lucha. Night Claw has a black panther like mask.

-So all six matches tonight are for Aztec medallions.

Daga vs Mascarita Segrada w/Famous B and Brenda

-Melissa Santos has great facial expressions when interrupted by Famous B.

-Oh great Kobra Moon is on top of Dario’s office. Ugh.

-Daga hits a Russian leg sweep and goes into a crossface to pick up the win.

-Famous B picks up Mascarita after the match, then delivers a superkick. He hits Mascarita with his shoe as Brenda sobs in the corner.

-Now Dario Cueto is in his office with Dragon Azteca Jr. Dario makes a match for Dragon Azteca Jr with Black Lotus at Ultima Lucha.

Joey Ryan, Mr. Cisco and Cortez Castro vs Sinestro de la Muerte, Marty “The Moth” Martinez and Killshot

-Killshot wants a piece of Marty. Marty said as a peace offering, he wants to give Killshot his army dog tags back. Killshot accepts.

-Joey Ryan tags himself in. Marty immediately kicks him and steals Joey’s lollipop. Gross.

-Mr. Cisco busts out some classic lucha libre. He runs then spins off the ropes and hits an armdrag followed by a hip toss.

-Joey Ryan gets the hot tag and the crowd loves it.

-Killshot goes to the top, steps off Cortez Castro, then hits a moonsault to the outside. Nice.

-Mr. Cisco hits a rewind-ranna on Sinestro de la Muerte. Mr. Cisco looks great in this match.

-Cortez Castro pulls Mr. Cisco out of the way of a springboard punch. They go to hit their finisher, but Joey Ryan superkicks Sinestro. Joey shoves Cisco down. As Cortez and Joey Ryan argue, Marty hits a Curb Stomp and Killshot picks up the win for his team.

Sexy Star and Mariposa vs Taya and Ivelisse

-This Dario Cueto is so evil!

-Matt Striker says women are more mature and should be able to put aside differences and get along better than men would. LOL.

-Taya and Sexy Star have a nice chain wrestling exchange.

-Mariposa and Taya brawl into the seated area. Those poor people have to move again. Mariposa dives onto Taya. Ivelisse then dives off the top onto Mariposa.

-Ivelisse and Sexy Star and exchange some chops and near falls.

-Sexy moves out of the way of Taya and she accidentally spears Ivelisse. Mariposa hits her finisher and Sexy Star picks up the win for her team.

Prince Puma Interview

-Puma says everyone is asking him what he will be doing at Ultima Lucha. Puma says that Konnan kept him going during training by saying that Puma could be the next Rey Mysterio. Puma said he may be better. And that is something Puma has to find out. (Side note, Puma sounds out of breath during this promo. Nerves perhaps?)

Rey Mysterio comes out. He says that he paved the way for people like Puma. Mysterio says Puma is still a prince, and he is a rey. Rey says he needs to know if he is still the best, and he accepts Puma’s challenge.

OVERALL: Somewhat of a weak show. It feels like the Gift of the Gods match was just thrown together to get people on the card and have a bigger match. But the line-up for the match isn’t strong. You are looking at maybe the new guy Night Claw winning? I guess you could maybe go with Sexy Star. But I think they could have done better. Rey/Puma should be great though.

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