5 Years Ago Today: The CM Punk Pipe Bomb

CM Punk - BITW Wallpaper

Five years ago today, CM Punk delivered a promo that catapulted him to the top of the WWE and got the entire wrestling world talking. While CM Punk was already a World Champion at this point, many didn’t think of him as a main eventer. His pipe bomb promo changed that. It was something that hadn’t been done in quite some time.

The follow up to the promo lead to the great CM Punk/John Cena match at Money in the Bank. Punk then left, but was only gone for a couple weeks. Punk returned, and his momentum was halted in the fall when he lost to Triple H. Punk would regain the Title at Survivor Series of that year and hold it for 434 days. But the same spark just wasn’t there. It was a great Title reign, but it would have been better if Punk either: A-Stayed off TV longer and returned to face the new Champ months later or B-Stayed Champ when he returned and  never lost it.

Here is the famous promo: