WWE RAW 6.27.16: 5 Thoughts w/Justin C


A little change up to my usual column this week!

1. Roman Reigns Still Being In The WWE Title Match At Battleground Is A Joke

-This has nothing to do with the ability of Reigns as a performer. This has everything to do with his 30 day suspension. The fact that they let Seth Rollins acknowledge the suspension on TV means they are ok with people knowing about it. Simply take Reigns out of the match and save the triple threat as a possibility for SummerSlam if Brock Lesnar gets KO’d.

Instead, Reigns gets to rest for 30 days (yes I know he doesn’t get paid). He doesn’t get any kind of punishment storyline wise for his suspension. He essentially gets a rest period to prepare for this match. It’s just really stupid and at least to me, a bad look for the WWE.

2. AJ Styles Is The Best Performer In The WWE Right Now

-And you know what, I don’t think it is even close. We all knew that Styles was a great in ring wrestler when he came to the WWE. His body of work is great. But as a character, Styles continues to impress me. His heel turn and joining up with The Club has given Styles an added edge. I’ve been impressed with the mic work of Styles the last few weeks. I think his mock apology last week was great. It is a shame that Styles wasn’t around in the WWE during the prime of his career. But if he continues to perform like this, Styles may continue to be in the prime of his career. He had great matches with Roman Reigns and John Cena, and another good one with Dean Ambrose tonight.

3. Bray Wyatt’s Injury Hurt The Wyatt Family

-I don’t know what is going on with the New Day/Wyatt Family feud. Is Xaiver drawn to the power of Bray over the Power of Positivity? I don’t think the WWE will actually break up New Day. They are still a solid act, albeit one that needs a change up to their character somehow.

But remember face Bray Wyatt teaming with Roman Reigns at the end of RAW before he got injured? It seemed like a great new direction for Bray in terms of his character. And then he got injured. That might have been worse for him than when they broke up the Wyatt’s for no reason. I don’t even know if the Wyatts are heels in this feud with New Day. But Bray had a ton of momentum before he was injured and now he’s back where he was three months ago.

4. Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens Can Feud Forever

-I could not tell you a single time I’ve been bored with either man when they were both on TV. They didn’t even wrestle tonight. Their promo was solid. Owens has a great way of manipulating words. I loved how he talked about how Sami should have been happier for him when Owens came to the WWE. I talked about how I wish this feud extended to Wrestlemania next year, with the WWE Title on the line. Maybe if we get two World Titles that could happen.

5. The Women’s Division Has Two Competent Storylines Again

-With the return of Sasha Banks to TV, the WWE has two good storylines going again in the women’s division. The main one is obviously Sasha chasing the Women’s Title. I don’t think that match happens at Battleground. I actually thought they would do Sasha/Paige vs Charlotte/Dana Brooke at Battleground. But that happened on RAW. Maybe Paige turns on Charlotte and we get a #1 Contenders Match there instead?

Not only that, but the Becky Lynch and Natalya feud involves two good wrestlers that can get the crowd into a match. Becky Lynch is the best “natural” babyface in the division and the crowd loves to get behind her. I hope she gets a run with the Women’s Title soon because she deserves it.

Highlight of the Night: I’ll go with the Cena vs Rollins match slightly over Styles vs Ambrose. Once Cena lost via Club distraction, you knew Cena would come out to distract Styles so he could not get in the Title match as well.

DUD of the Night: Easily Miz’s surprise Intercontinental Title being Demon Kane. I loved that Kane brought up the 30 Day Title Defense rule. Jack Tunney would have been proud. But I did not need to see him fight Kane. And then get a lame ending with Maryse’s fake injury.

Funny of the Night: The Social Outcasts returning and saying they were HARD, in comparison to Enzo and Cass calling people SAWFT. Then Enzo asking which one of them was the hardest and if they were all hard right now.

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Justin C

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