Lucha Underground Season 2 Episode 23 Review: The Final Push For Ultima Lucha Dos

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King Cuerno vs Mil Muertes

-I’m guessing this ends in a non-finish. I thought for sure this would be saved for Ultima Lucha.

-Mil with the Spear and then some ground and pound. Look out Brock!

-Cuerno finally gets some offense in with a knee to the face.

-Cuerno hits his dive to the outside and connects. Mil goes right into the referee, who for some reason was standing behind Mil.

-Mil takes a chair shot to the head, but he no sells it. Mil hits a KO Punch on Cuerno then delivers a chair shot to the back of Cuerno.

-Mil sets up the chair in the corner. Cuerno stops himself from going into it then moves from a charging Mil and Mil goes into the chair. Cuerno rolls up Mil to pick up the win.

WINNER: King Cuerno- Short match. It was essentially used to further the story between Mil and Cuerno. My guess is this match happens again at Ultima Lucha with some sort of No DQ stip.

-Dario makes a match between Taya and Ivelisse at Ultima Lucha. Catrina walks into Dario’s office instead of magically appearing. Weird. Catrina asks for a rematch for Mil against Cuerno. Dario at first refuses, but then Catrina asks for a Death Match. Dario agrees. Catrina then disappears. There we go!

Prince Puma vs Dragon Azteca Jr w/Rey Mysterio Jr.

-Both men exchange quick offensive maneuvers and Matt Striker nearly has a heart attack trying to call it.

-Puma slides out of the ring. Dragon Azteca slides over him. Dragon Azteca gets tossed onto the apron then goes over and through the ropes with a kick. Dragon Azteca goes for a suicide dive but Puma catches him on his shoulders and tosses him into the ringpost.

-Dragon Azteca crotches a charging Puma on the ropes. Dragon Azteca then hits a springboard hurricarrana.

-Dragon Azteca ends up hitting the DDTJ on Puma but only gets two. If that is suppose to be his signature move, I don’t like people always kicking out of it.

-Puma pulls Dragon Azteca off the ropes and hits a sitdown powerbomb. Puma then hits the Northern lights suplex and bridges into another suplex for two.

-Both men are on top. Dragon Azteca hits a sweet move off the top. I don’t even know what you would call it.

-Puma hits a belly-to-belly into the corner then a modified Michinoku Driver for two.

-Puma is finally able to get Dragon Azteca in the corner and hits the 630 splash for the win.

WINNER: Prince Puma- Great match. Dragon Azteca Jr is proving his worth in LU and I can’t wait to see him grow as a competitor. Prince Puma had an added edge to him as he was trying to show up Rey at ringside every time he hit a move.

-Dario Cueto has Son of Havoc, Cage, The Mack, and Texano in the ring. He says at Ultima Lucha Dos, they will be in a unique opportunity match. The match is called “4 A Unique Opportunity.” He doesn’t say what it is. He tells all four men to get a jump start on their opponents right now. Cage ends up standing tall.

Fenix vs Johnny Mundo

-Vampiro says he helped Mundo pick out his jacket and headband. I’d believe that over Striker saying it.

-Fenix lands some slaps in the corner, but then runs right into a boot from Mundo. Mundo hits a standing C4 for two.

-Taya is able to land some shots on Fenix with the ref distracted.

-Fenix catches Mundo with a superkick as Mundo is attempting a springboard. Fenix then hits a corkscrew dive to the outside taking out both Mundo and Taya.

-Fenix hits a straight boot to the face of Mundo in the corner. Fenix then hits a back kick. Mundo’s selling is on point here.

-Taya distracts Fenix in the corner. This allows Mundo to hit an enziguri kick.

-This time it is Fenix that hits the C4, but from the top. Taya distracts the ref, so Mundo hits Fenix with the Trios Title to pick up the win.

-Black and Evans come out to celebrate, then beat up Fenix. Drago and Aerostar come out to help, and Ivelisse takes out Taya to even the odds. The faces end up standing tall.

WINNER: Johnny Mundo- Good match with the classic Heel 101 tactics to set up the Mundo win. The ending was also classic booking 101 so nothing about it really surprised me.

OVERALL: Very good show leading into three weeks of Ultima Lucha Dos. There are just enough matches to spread everything out over three weeks. All three matches on tonight’s show were enjoyable. If you can, I’d go find a way to watch Puma/Azteca. All of the feuds leading into Ultima Lucha Dos make sense, which can be rare for a wrestling program these days.

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