WWE RAW 7.4.16: 5 Thoughts W/Justin C


1. Rusev Is Great

-Anyone who reads this site or listened to the Wrestling Radio Show knows that I have always been a huge Rusev fan. When he was being under utilized I said he deserved better. I saw potential in him. And I wasn’t impressed with his NXT work. So he did a lot to win me over on the main roster.

I knew when he lost to John Cena he would take a step back. Then there was the backstage stuff with Lana and the WWE not being happy with it. But Rusev worked his way back to the United States Title. And I think when the brand split happens, he should be in line for a big push. Rusev works well in the ring and has a great character. Rusev can rip on you one second then be kicking your ass just like that. Hopefully the WWE sees that.

2. Sasha Banks vs Charlotte Is Going To Be Very Good

-That promo exchange that they had on RAW was great. Charlotte gets a good amount of crap from people for her promo work. But I thought that she was on point tonight. Even when her promos are bad, Charlotte still does a fantastic job of getting heat on herself.

Sasha Banks is pretty much everything the WWE wishes Roman Reigns was. The crowd loves her and sees her as the underdog trying to succeed in the women’s division. She was great in her exchange with Charlotte and had a rebuttal for everything Charlotte said. Hopefully this keeps up in the coming weeks.

3. There Might Be No Saving Roman Reigns

-Seth Rollins is constantly mocking Reigns. Rollins said that Reigns career is a joke and that he was suppose to be a role model for kids, but Reigns let them down. And Rollins is getting cheered every single time. By keeping Reigns in the Triple Threat at Battleground, the WWE is basically sending Reigns out to the wolves. He is going to get crucified by a PPV audience. I don’t know how the WWE is going to try and recoup his career. Reigns was already staring at being a lost cause. But now they may have reached the point of no return with him. The WWE may finally have no choice but to turn Reigns heel at this point. It might be the only thing that saves his career.

4. I Can’t Find A Bad Thing To Say About John Cena

-I used to be a big John Cena hater. I couldn’t stand him. I always wanted to see him lose. I wasn’t a big fan of him in the ring. But over the last few years, Cena has grown on me. Cena’s run with the US Title was good. Even his promos are getting better. It seems like Cena, or whoever is booking him, knows what his role in the company is now. He can main event if need be. But he should be used to help elevate people like he did during his US Title run. And now he is helping AJ Styles in the WWE, even though Styles really didn’t need any helping. Cena can cut a good promo when he is serious. And now he has Enzo and Cass on his side, which will only elevate them in the eyes of fans by being associated with Cena.

5. Serious New Day? Good

-After Money in the Bank, I said the New Day needed something to give them a kick in the ass as far as their characters went. Maybe Xaiver Woods trying to get Kofi and Big E to take the Wyatt Family seriously is just that. At first I thought the WWE would try to do something with Xaiver being under the spell of the Wyatts. But if Xaiver is trying to give Big E and Kofi a serious side to go along with their comedy routine, then I am all for that. The Wyatts and New Day should have a good match whenever they face off. Lets just hope that whenever they show New Day visiting the Wyatts compound, they don’t call all Matt vs Jeff in TNA.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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