Ultima Lucha Dos 7.6.16 Review: Unique Opportunity Tournament

Unique Opportunity Tournament Semifinal Match: The Mack vs Cage

-Apparently this is a tournament setting, not a fatal four way like I thought last week.

-Hold on, here comes Dario Cueto. He tells both men that he liked their match at Ultima Lucha last year. So he’s making this a Falls Count Anywhere Match.

-Mack hits an enziguri sending Cage into the ropes. Mack then crossbodies into Cage and they go to the outside. It looks like Cage landed on his head.

-Cage tosses Mack onto the hard bleachers.

-A garbage can is introduced. Hey, there is actually garbage in it!. Mack powerslams Cage onto it.

-They brawl through Dario’s office. Cage grabs a framed photo from the first night of Lucha Underground and smashes it over Mack’s head. Dario loves it.

-Cage powerbombs Mack through some chairs Cage set up. Cage only gets two.

-Mack is able to fight back. He drops Cage on a stop sign then hits a standing moonsault. Mack then brings out a guitar and smashes it over Cage’s head. That guitar didn’t have much give.

-They pull out a couple of pinatas. Cage’s has candy in it. Mack’s had a wrench so he uses it. A bunch of fat guys in the front row steal some candy.

-Cage blocks the Stunner attempt from the beer swilling Mack.

-Mack finds a toolbox and uses a chain in it. He finds some more beer and hits a Stunner. He sets Cage up on a table and hits a frogsplash from the railing through the table. Cage kicks out at two.

-Cage goes to use a cinder block on The Mack, but Cage slips on the beer. Mack rolls up Cage and picks up the win.

WINNER: The Mack- Okay, first thing first. That was a fun brawl. These two know how to put on a show and I think they topped last year’s match. Dario’s reaction was great when they fought in his office. BUT, they kicked out of way too much stuff. And for the match to end like it did kind of took away from everything that happened during the match. Fun brawl, but needed a better ending.

Unique Opportunity Tournament Semifinal Match: Son of Havoc vs Texano

-Dario has a bar setup at ringside. He says this match is a Boyle Heights Bar Fight. Hopefully Mack saved some beer.

-Texano misses Son of Havoc and goes to the outside. Son of Havoc hits a springboard to the outside.

-Son of Havoc tosses Texano through the storage door. He then grabs a firemen’s hat and fire extinguisher and sprays Texano with it.

-Texano smashes a bottle over Havoc’s head. But he has a helmet on so it doesn’t hurt!

-Back in the ring, Son of Havoc tosses Texano into a keg setup in the corner. He then goes to the top and hurricarranas Texano onto some broken stools.

-Texano kicks the legs out from under Havoc. He sets a chair up on its side then slams another chair into Texano’s balls.

-Son of Havoc blocks a Texano suplex then tosses Texano onto the bar set up on the outside with glass.

-Son of Havoc sets up some glass in the ring and drops Texano onto it and picks up the win.

WINNER: Son of Havoc- I’m actually surprised how one sided that brawl was. Son of Havoc dominated throughout the match. That back body drop Texano took onto the bar looked nasty. Another fun brawl. At least this one didn’t have as many kickouts.

Unique Opportunity Tournament Finals Match: The Mack vs Son of Havoc

-Dario Cueto makes this match a Falls Count Anywhere Match as well.

-Mack hits some kind of corkscrew dive off the top. It was weird seeing someone his size coming off the top like that.

-Mack eats the bleachers again. Also, I must say that these two are selling the beatings from their previous matches well.

-Son of Havoc goes for the Shooting Star Press, but Mack gets his knees up.

-Matt Striker says the 4th of July is “around the corner.” Oops.

-Son of Havoc catches Mack in the corner with a springboard elbow. He then hits the Shooting Star Press to pick up the win and celebrates with the fans.

WINNER: Son of Havoc- The match didn’t have the violence of the first two. But I loved that both men sold the beatings they received in the first match. It was a nice added touch.

-Dario Cueto is in the ring with Black Lotus. He gives Dario Cueto two options: Take $250,000 or have a contract for a Title match at Ultima Lucha Tres. Son of Havoc says you could put $250 million in the briefcase, he’s taking the Title match.

-BUTTTTT, Dario says that Son of Havoc has to win one more match. If his opponent wins, he gets the money. If Son of Havoc wins, he keeps the contract.

-Out comes Famous B. He says Son of Havoc must be sick to his stomach. Luckily, there is a doctor in the house. And it is his new clinet: Dr. Wagner Jr.

Dr. Wagner Jr. vs Son of Havoc

-Dr. Wagner dominates early on. He hits a spear to start.

-Son of Havoc starts a comeback. He hits an elbow in the corner and a charging boot. He goes for the Shooting Star Press but Dr. Wagner moves and hits the Doctor Driver for the win.

OVERALL: Even with my complaints about the first match, this was still a great start to Ultima Lucha Dos. The first two matches were fun brawls. Despite the constant kickouts, Cage and Mack have good chemistry. Like I said, the selling from both men in the Finals match was good. The introduction of Dr. Wagner Jr. was well done. Dario’s unique opportunity strikes again. Fun show.

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