WWE RAW 7.11.16: Five Thoughts & More w/Justin C


1. At Least This Darren Young/Bob Backlund Stuff Had A Payoff

-I was getting very sick of all these Darren Young and Bob Backlund segments. They weren’t funny and I never thought anything would result from it. Even if this is a one PPV thing, I like that Darren Young is getting an Intercontinental Title shot.

With the brand split coming up, the WWE needs to build up guys that they always treated as jobbers. Look at what they are doing with Zack Ryder giving him a United States Title shot. Darren Young getting an IC Title shot is fine. I was kind of hoping for an Apollo Crews win but I can at least live with Darren Young winning.

2. Seth Rollins Should Be The Face Of The WWE For The Foreseeable Future

-That Rollins Report interview was shades of the great Kurt Angle/Rock interview from the Attitude Era. The Angle one was a little better, but this one was still great. They had the great caption under Reigns name: Not A Good Guy, Not A Bad Guy, The Suspended Guy. All I also loved the thumbs up image of Roman they got for the end.

Seth Rollins has been great since his return from injury. It looks like he hasn’t missed a beat in the ring. And his promo work continues to be great. And you have to give credit to Dean Ambrose as well. He was serious in his promo with Rollins and the crowd was hot for it. But Rollins continues to show that he, and not Roman Reigns, should be the guy the WWE builds around in the coming years. Rollins is a better overall performer than Reigns will ever be.

3. Could The WWE Not Wait A Week To Copy Final Deletion?

-I mean seriously. Even if the WWE did have that segment planned a long time ago, they should have waited to air it. It looks bad for the WWE. Pretty much anyone that is a wrestling fan will think that the WWE just ripped off TNA. Not only that, but TNA did it better with Final Deletion. The camera cuts during the whole thing were way worse than the Final Deletion ones. I liked seeing serious New Day last week, but this segment kind of fell flat in terms of delivery. And it pretty much ended with a dud.

4. Good Crowds Can Make Shows Better

-RAW was good tonight. Nothing really too bad on it. But I have to give props to the Detroit crowd. They were lively and into the show the whole night. They weren’t trying to get themselves over in anyway like the big town crowds do. They actively cheered the people that they liked. Hell, they even had a Darren Young chant going! This was of course the same crowd that popped huge for Shane McMahon’s return. This was one of the better crowds that the WWE had in quite some time. It is tough to stay active as a crowd member during 3 hour RAWs. But this Detroit crowd did that.

5. McMahon Hype Disappoints Again

-All show they hyped up Vince appearing on RAW to name the Commissioner of Smackdown. But once all three McMahons got to the ring, you knew the segment would end in disappointment. And similar to Payback, that is exactly what happened. So Shane is the commish of Smackdown, and Stephanie is the same on RAW. But now they each have to name their own general manager next Monday. How many damn authority figures do we need on each show? It seems like overkill. And I guarantee you that within a few months, we will have a GM feuding with their respective commissioner on the show, creating an authority struggle yet again.

Highlight of the Night: The Rollins Report- The whole thing got a big laugh out of me. If you have seen the Angle/Rock “interview,” you will like this. Not only that, but the follow up with Rollins and Ambrose was also good.

Lowlight of the Night: Heath Slater vs Titus O’Neil: Poor Titus is back to the low card after his feud with Rusev.

Next Week: Shane and Stephanie have to name the GMs of their respective shows. Also, Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins for the WWE Championship. That’s an odd one. Do they do a quick Title change before Battleground?

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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