Ultima Lucha Dos Part 2 Review

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Gift of the Gods Elimination Match: Night Claw vs Daga vs Sinestro de la Muerte vs Killshot vs Marty “The Moth” Martinez vs Sexy Star vs Mariposa

-Night Claw looked a lot more intimidating in Dario’s office.

-Mary continues to tease Killshot and put Killshot’s dog tags down his pants. Gross.

-Back in the ring, Night Claw catches Sinestro and hits a C4 to eliminate him.

***Sinestro de la Muerte Eliminated***

-Oh good there’s Kobra Moon.

-We get the everyone hits a dive to the outside spot. Killshot’s moonsault from the canvas to the outside is still one of my favorites in LU.

-Daga goes to the top, but Night Claw catches him with an enziguri followed by a Frankensteiner. Night Claw then hits a corkscrew 450 on Daga to eliminate him.

***Daga Eliminated***

-Night Claw says fuck it and goes to the top of Dario’s office. He hits a moonsault from the top of the office to the ground. Nice.

-Night Claw and Killshot have a good exchange. Night Claw hits a spinaroma armdrag and another Frankensteiner, followed by a kick to the head and standing moonsault for two.

-Killshot recovers and gets Night Claw in the electric chair position. He hits a Cradle Drive and eliminates Night Claw.

***Night Claw Eliminated***

-Killshot and Sexy Star work together. But eventually Marty and Mariposa regain control. Marty throws Sexy into the wall. Back in the ring, Marty hits the Curb Stomp and Mariposa hits the Butterfly Effect, eliminating Killshot.

***Killshot Eliminated***

-Marty and Mariposa double team Sexy. Any time Sexy looks to comeback, her offense looks too slow and or choppy.

-Mariposa holds Sexy for her brother, but Sexy ducks and Mariposa eats a closed fist punch. Sexy eliminates Mariposa.

***Mariposa Eliminated***

-Sexy tries applying a standing Rings of Saturn. But Marty is too strong and gets out of it with a sidewalk slam.

-Someone shouts “KICK HIM IN THE DICK!”

-Marty catches Sexy with the KO Punch but only gets two.

-Marty taunts Sexy, but she catches Marty off guard and rolls through with an armbar. Marty taps.

***Marty “The Moth” Martinez Eliminated***

WINNER: Sexy Star: Fun match. The participants in the match made me think Sexy was winning. Night Claw looked impressive in his debut. I know Sexy Star has a following, but I don’t think her work in at least LU is as good as it could be. Marty played the creep role up to perfection in this match.

-Joey Ryan and Cortez Castro talk Mr. Cisco into wearing a wire.

Death Match: King Cuerno vs Mil Muertes w/Catrina

-Cuerno hits his dive to the outside and those poor people in the wooden seats have to move again.

-It’s time for the poor people on the other side to move as Mil tosses Cuerno into the chairs.

-They brawl into the stands for a bit. Cuerno tosses Mil back to the floor and then dives onto Mil.

-Now they brawl to above where the band plays. They hit each other with chairs and microphones. Cuerno hangs for a bit until Mil knocks him down.

-Cuerno hits Mil a couple times with a garbage can. But Mil recovers in the ring and catches Cuerno with a KO Punch.

-Cuerno tosses Mil’s head through one of the wall pieces of glass. Mil no sells it, then throws Cuerno’s head through some glass. Cuerno then rolls down the stairs.

-Mil goes to throw Cuerno into a ladder set up, but Cuerno slides and stops and backdrops Mil onto the ladder.

-Cuerno grabs Catrina. This awakes Mil, who jumps off the stairs and spears Mil through the table.

-There are three tables set up. Mil powerbombs Cuerno through all three of them as in a three powerbombs through three tables.

-Mil goes to the top, with a crowbar, and hits Cuerno in the back of the head. He then hits a tombstone piledriver for the win.

WINNER: Mil Muertes- Really fun brawl. Maybe Mil and Matanza just had bad chemistry. Mil seems to have good No DQ matches with anyone but Matanza. Mil looked strong. Matt Striker did a good job of selling the beating Cuerno received at the end.

-They bring up last year’s Ultima Lucha where it was revealed that Vampiro is Pentagon’s Master. Vampiro dumps out his pills and says it is time to get his student ready.

-Mr. Cisco goes into Dario’s office. He says that whatever Dario has going on, he wants in. Dario can tell that Mr. Cisco is nervous and asks if he is wearing a wire. Dario finds it and pulls it out. He asks Mr. Cisco if they want him for murder. Mr. Cisco says no. Dario says they will now. Dario hits Mr. Cisco repeatedly with the red bull statue on his desk. Dario makes a phone call to someone and says “It’s Time.” Poor Mr. Cisco.

-Two fun matches this week. Next week is two hours with five matches advertised. That show will be more about wrestling whereas the first two were pretty much all brawls.

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