Cruiserweight Classic: First Round Results From 7.13.16


-Some pretty cool graphics to start the show.

Gran Metalik vs Alejandro Saez

-Metalik is from Mexico while Saez is from Chile. Saez apparently dropped 30 pounds to be in the tournament.

-Daniel Bryan talks about what kind of effect the weight cut might have on Saez. If it were JBL, he’d talk about how Saez can’t eat tacos or burritos anymore.

-Saez is playing the heel in the match, arguing with Charles Robinson after a two count.

-Metalik springboards from the second rope with a Swanton to the outside.

-Saez catches Metalik with an enziguri kick on the apron. He then hits a shooting star press off the apron onto the floor.

-Back in the ring, Metalik catches Saez in a firemen’s carry, then drops him with a modified AA into an almost package powerbomb for the win.

WINNER: Gran Metalik

Ariya Daivari vs Hoho Lun

-Lun is from Hong Kong while Daivari is from Iran. Daivari is also the brother of the former Daivari in the WWE.

-Lun looks awkward coming to the ring. Like, he has no idea what he should be doing.

-Daivari refuses a handshake. What a heel!

-Daivari misses a splash in the corner, but he comes right back and hits Lun with a knee to the face.

-Daivari keeps the match on the ground and trash talks Lun. Lun responds with a comeback consisting of a spinning heel kick and missile dropkick.

-Lun moves out of the way of a frog splash. He connects with a knee then kick to the head, and follows up with a German suplex for the win.

WINNER: Hoho Lun

Clement Petiot vs Cedric Alexander

-Petiot is from France while Alexander is from America.

-They should’ve given Petiot the old La Resistance music.

-Alexander gets all the offense in early, including a backflip head scissors leading into a reverse hurricarrana.

-Petiot blocks an elbow from Alexander with a knee to the face.

-Petiot has some quick striking offense that also looks painful when it is delivered.

-Nice offensive exchange which ends with Petiot hitting a discus clothesline for a two count.

-Petiot goes for the discus clothesline again, but Alexander ducks and hits a belly to back suplex into a double knee for the win.

WINNER: Cedric Alexander

Kota Ibushi vs Sean Maluta

-Ibushi is obviously a star from Japan. Maluta is from America but they build up his Samoan heritage.

-At least Michael Cole isn’t here to call him an Uso or anything.

-Daniel Bryan puts over Ibushi’s kicks. Ibushi delivers a kick to the leg of Maluta and he sells it hard.

-Ibushi delivers another kick to the sternum. If he kicks Maluta in the head, will it have any effect?

-Maluta gets some offense in and hits a nice dive to the outside.

-Ibushi comes back with a handful of kicks to the chest then a standing moonsault for two.

-Maluta knocks Ibushi off the top as Daniel Bryan, look a good analyst, talks about the injuries to Ibushi’s neck. But Ibushi comes from OUT OF NOWHERE with a Pele kick to Maluta then a second rope moonsault to the outside.

-Maluta delivers a superkick for two. He nails some kicks to the head, but Ibushi eventually moves and connects on a kick to the head and follows it with a last ride powerbomb for the win.

WINNER: Kota Ibushi

OVERALL: Solid action. The whole CWC has a different feel to it which is good. You don’t want it to fall under the same old WWE umbrella. Everything from the announcing, to the presentation, to the pre-match breakdowns are different and unique. Ibushi/Maluta was the best match. Ibushi/Alexander should be great in the next round.

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