WWE Draft Rules And My Predictions

On Sunday night, the WWE released the rules for this Tuesday’s Draft. Here they are:

-RAW has the 1st overall pick

-Since RAW is a 3 hour show and Smackdown is a 2 hour show, RAW will get 3 picks for every 2 picks that Smackdown gets.

-Tag Teams count as one pick, unless the commissioner/general manager specifically wants only one member from the team.

-Six draft picks can come from NXT

I have no problem with RAW getting an extra pick. It makes sense since that show is an hour longer. But if they do that throughout the Draft, then RAW will get the Top 6 picks compared to Smackdown getting 4. It should be used more for the supplemental part of the Draft. Smackdown should get the #1 overall pick if that is the case.

The tag team thing is interesting. Why would a GM only want one member of the team? I think the only team that could realistically be broken up is the Dudley Boyz. You could then have Bubba Ray turn into Bully Ray and have him be a heel on whatever brand that he ends up on. It’s also interesting that the Wyatt Family is not listed as a tag team on the WWE’s site. It could be a catalyst for them getting broken up.

I like that they set a limit for the amount of NXT picks. It makes them more valuable and if you talk about this like a real Draft, if one brand makes a couple of NXT picks it might force the other to make some of their own. The NXT picks should be high picks because they should be looked at as more valuable and opportunistic picks. I think American Alpha and Finn Balor are locks for two of the picks. I think Nia Jax is a good possibility for one too. Since he is the Champ, Samoa Joe would make sense as would Nakamura. But that would be a complete raid of NXT. Tye Dillinger has been around long enough to deserve a spot on the main roster. And I would think Bayley’s time is coming as well. So if I had to pick six, they’d be: Finn Balor, American Alpha, Bayley, Nia Jax, Nakamura, and Tye Dillinger.

I am disappointed that the Women’s and Tag Team Champions will not be allowed to appear on both shows. Both of those divisions, especially the women’s, are not deep enough to have two Champions. Even if you call up two women from NXT, that it still only 12 women on the active roster.

As far as the Draft, it would be stupid to have anyone but the WWE Champion be the #1 overall pick. And with RAW getting the #1 overall pick, I have a feeling Seth Rollins is winning the WWE Title tonight. We know Stephanie McMahon doesn’t like Dean Ambrose so it would kind of make sense for Rollins to win. After that I’d say Cena goes #2 overall. Steph takes Roman Reigns #3 overall. Then Shane, wanting to make sure he has a horse in the race for the WWE Title match at Battleground, picks Dean Ambrose at #4. After that it is a complete guessing game for me.

Either way, the next week in the WWE is shaping up to be a fun one.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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