WWE RAW 7.18.16: Five Thoughts And More w/Justin C


1. Mick Foley (RAW) and Daniel Bryan (Smackdown) Are Fine General Manager Choices

-There is really nothing wrong with either choice. I was personally hoping for Eric Bischoff to take over one of the shows. But I knew that was probably a long shot to begin with.

The one thing the WWE will have to be careful of is Daniel Bryan overshadowing people on Smackdown. And they can’t tease a potential fight with anyone on the roster. That will get people to talkative about a potential return to the ring that should not happen.

But I do hope this means that Shane, and really hope with Steph, are not on TV every week. I especially like it because Bryan and Foley should play the impartial, down the middle GM role where they don’t favor either side. I’m sure eventually, especially with the Steph/Foley relationship, there will be a power struggle at some point. But I’m okay with this for the time being.

2. RAW Needed An Exclusive Division, And The Cruiserweight Division Makes Sense

-We’ve only seen one week of the Cruiswerweight Classic on the WWE Network, but it is already a hit in the WWE. The four matches that took place this past week were all good. With RAW being a three hour show, the WWE needed something to fill all of the extra time each week. Getting an extra pick in the Draft is fine, as is giving RAW the Cruiserweights.

I’m assuming this means the WWE has an agreement with some people from the CWC. Kota Ibushi seems like the obvious guy to build the division around. Then you have Cedric Alexander, Gran Metalik and maybe Zack Sabre Jr. Somebody like Kalisto would be a good fit as well. There are a good amount of guys you could put inside the division.

The real question is whether or not the WWE will bring in the greats like La Parka, Alex Wright and El Dandy.

3. Enzo Amore Is The Best Promo In The WWE

-He’s been on the main roster for all of 3 months. But Enzo Amore is already the best promo guy that the WWE has. Some people were concerned that Enzo and Cass would just be another version of the New Age Outlaws. But that has not been the case one bit.

Enzo is worlds better on the mic. He just throws out lines and insults on the mic like it is nobody’s business. The Tag Team Titles have to be coming their way in the near future. I know he will never get a singles main event push, but Enzo is an underdog guy that the WWE fans will get behind. When they break up Enzo and Cass (and you know they will at some point), it is going to be a sad day. But as of now they are one of the best, if not the best, act in the company. The crowd quickly became fans of them and it isn’t changing anytime soon.

4. Anything Other Than Bayley As Sasha’s Partner Will Be A Disappointment

-When it was announced that Sasha Banks could have a partner of her choosing to take on Charlotte and Dana Brooke at Battleground, pretty much everyone thought of Bayley immediately. With the brand split upcoming, the WWE is going to need another female or two to help round out their women’s division, especially if the Champ is going to be brand exclusive.

If the WWE wants to tease a surprise like this, anyone other than Bayley will be a huge disappointment. Naomi returning from injury would be flat. We’ve already seen Paige team up with Sasha earlier against Charlotte and Dana Brooke so that wouldn’t be fun. If they just wanted it to be Paige they could have said that. But by adding the surprise factor, it almost has to be Bayley. If they go with almost anyone else it will be met with a good amount of groans.

5. The Ending To The WWE Title Match Was Dumb

-Honestly, I would have preferred Seth winning the Title outright. At least then, you can justify Seth being the #1 pick and going to RAW. Then Smackdown can have a Tournament for their Champ.

But the WWE wanted to go with a convoluted way to split the Title so each brand could have their own Champion. And it didn’t work. There is a PPV Title match in six days. It could have been done there. And they really didn’t need a hook to get people to tune in to the Draft tomorrow night. If this was the WWE’s way to make two Titles, it is really stupid. What would it mean for the Triple Threat match at Battleground. Are two Titles defended?

The match was good going into the finish. It kicked into second gear in the final seven minutes or so and the crowd finally woke up. Plus, why didn’t ANYONE ask the ref for his decision when he called for the bell? If it was a double pin, by rule it is a draw and the Champion retains. That is how pro wrestling works. But the WWE makes their own rules. And it caused a bunch of stupid controversy leading into the Draft tomorrow night.

UPDATE: Right after I posted this, the match was ruled a draw by the ref on the WWE Network. Ambrose retains the Title. Someone must have found the rule book.

Highlight of the Night: 12 Man Tag- From the promos from Enzo and Cass, Cena, The Club and New Day to the match itself. It was a good 30 minutes of TV. I’m pretty sure Enzo and Cass were the most over people in the segment. I did cringe when Enzo took the Styles Clash though.

Lowlight of the Night: Finish to the WWE Title Match- Just bad timing and a dumb finish leading into the Draft and PPV. If they wanted a way to justify two Champions, this finish didn’t do it.

What’s Next: The Draft is tomorrow, and Battleground is this Sunday. It’ll be an interesting few days in the WWE.

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Justin C

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