JC’s Top Rope Report: 5 Thoughts On The WWE Draft

1. RAW Has The Better Show

-The first few picks Smackdown made were fine. Ambrose, Styles and Cena are a good Top 3 to have for their brand. But after that, it was quite clear that RAW was getting the better end of this Draft and it wasn’t even close. When Smackdown selected Baron Corbin and the Miz back to back, you knew it was down hill.

The mid-card on RAW has the likes of Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, Cesaro and Rusev. They also have the Women’s Champion and Tag Team Champion. And Enzo and Cass. And Sasha Banks and Paige. I know RAW has an extra hour, but it is just way too loaded. I’ve always said that RAW should be brought back down to 2 hours to make this brand split even. They could have had a one hour Cruiserweight or NXT show to make up for the extra hour.

Smackdown has the better main event scene with Styles, Ambrose, Cena, Orton, Bray Wyatt and hell even Del Rio. But the rest of the roster is really thin.

2. The Women’s Division Should Have Been Brand Exclusive To Smackdown

-If RAW was going to get the Cruiserweight Division, then Smackdown should have gotten the Women’s Division. Even with the NXT call-ups, there are not enough women to spread across both shows. And if they bring back a second women’s Title it will be absolutely stupid and devalue both Titles. Even if you add Eva Marie, Carmella and Alexa Bliss to Smackdown, it just isn’t enough to jusifty it as a new division. They should have had the Women’s Champion, as well as the Tag Team Champs, appear on both shows.

3. The NXT Picks Make No Sense

-From a kayfabe standpoint, the NXT picks make absolutely no sense. Why on God’s green earth would you draft Alexa Bliss, Carmella or Nia Jax over Bayley and Asuka. Or over anyone on the male roster. Finn Balor and American Alpha are fine call-ups. Well except for the fact that American Alpha is on the brand with pretty much no tag teams and the brand that does not have the Tag Titles. Everything about the NXT picks was dumb. I mean who sits there and goes “Mojo Rawley should be picked before Nakamura!” They raided the women’s division, leaving only Bayley and Asuka for the time being. I’m just confused again.

4. The Best Part of the Show: Interviews on the Network

-Go find Cesaro’s promo. He was spitting HOT FIRE about being drafted so low. It was great. Rusev called Ambrose “a lunatic with a fridge.” Kevin Owens was in his constant great form. It seemed like the wrestlers weren’t really as scripted as a normal promo.

5. Maybe This Wasn’t A Good Idea

-I was excited for the Draft. But the more I’m thinking about it, maybe I was wrong. Vince apparently wanted to make Smackdown competitive with RAW. But you can’t just throw John Cena and Daniel Bryan on Smackdown and call it even. Smackdown needed a fair competitive balance and they did not get it. Smackdown may have gotten the star power, but RAW got the better overall talent on its roster. Plus, Smackdown has John Cena and Randy Orton on the same show. That should never be allowed ever. It looks like the WWE will still treat RAW like the A show. Hopefully the WWE has a few things in store for Smackdown to make it seem better.



Seth Rollins
Finn Balor
Roman Reigns
Brock Lesnar
The New Day
Sami Zayn
Sasha Banks
Chris Jericho
Kevin Owens
Enzo and Cass
Anderson and Gallows
The Big Show
Nia Jax

Golden Truth
Titus O’Neil
Darren Young
Sin Cara
Jack Swagger
Summer Rae
Mark Henry
Braun Strowman
Bo Dallas
Shining Stars
Alicia Fox
Dana Brooke
Curtis Axel


Dean Ambrose
AJ Styles
John Cena
Randy Orton
Bray Wyatt
Becky Lynch
The Miz
Baron Corbin
American Alpha
Dolph Ziggler
Alberto Del Rio

The Usos
Zack Ryder
Apollo Crews
Alexa Bliss
Eva Marie
Erick Rowan
Mojo Rawley

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