Ultima Lucha Dos Review For 7.20.16: Season 2 Comes To An End

-Sith Vampiro makes Pentagon Jr go into a cave to face his fears. Pentagon Jr attacks a bunch of people in his masks. He takes out the final one that was Vampiro. Vampiro makes Pentagon extinguish the candle Pentagon lit, so Dark Pentagon can take over.

Trios Championship: Johnny Mundo, Jack Evans, PJ Black vs Fenix, Drago, Aerostar

-If you saw Mundo, Evans and Black walk into a bar you would think the three biggest douchebags in the world just walked in. And that is why they are great heels.

-Matt Striker makes a point that the refs feel like they are being treated as afterthoughts lately. So I expect that to play a part in things tonight.

-And there you go. All chaos breaks loose and the face go to hit a triple dive to the outside but the ref stops them.

-Jack Evans has now hit two punches on Fenix that go right into the balls/ass crack area. Weird.

-All six men end up in the ring and the faces hit a great sequence of moves. Fenix tosses Drago over the ropes, and Drago hits a hurricarrana on Black off the apron. Fenix catches Evans mid-air with a super kick. Aerostar hits a Mexican Destroyer off the ropes on Mundo. Aerostar gets on Fenix’s shoulders and he jumps off to the outside. Fenix then hits a frog splash on Mundo for two.

-Fenix hits a springboard 450 on Mundo but Evans pulls the ref out of the ring.

-With the ref out, the heels take advantage and hit some low blows. Then a triple belt shot on Fenix. Evans puts the ref back in but Fenix kicks out at two. The heels aren’t happy and Black kicks the ref in the face.

-Angelico appears from the entrance and hits Mundo over the back with his crutches. Drago and Aerostar take out Evans and Black. Angelico lands a couple more shots. Fenix hits a knee to the back followed by the Fenix Driver for the win. New Trios Champs.

WINNERS and NEW Trios Champions: Fenix, Aerostar, Drago- That match was interference city. There was no ref for more than half the match. The heels were good in their roles. But I wanted more of a wrestling match with all six of these men involved. We got that great sequence early in the match and that was it.

Dragon Azteca Jr vs Black Lotus

-Azteca charges at Black Lotus early. She does a split duck and he goes into the corner.

-Black Lotus moves out of the way of an Azteca dive. She then catches him with an enziguri.

-Azteca reverses Lotus and tosses her hard into the railing.

-The action goes back into the ring. Suddenly, Pentagon Jr comes out in all black. He breaks the arms of both competitors as Vampiro looks on with a smile. He introduces the world to Pentagon Dark.

No Contest- Honestly, I’m a little disappointed by this one. I think the storyline deserved some conclusion and we didn’t get it in the ring.

-Pentagon takes the mic. He says Pentagon Jr is dead. Pentagon Dark is here. He fears no one and is unforgiving. But he still has CERO MIEDO. He wants the match now, and we get it.

Lucha Underground Championship: Matanza (c) vs Pentagon Dark

-Before Matanza can get in the ring, Pentagon hits a dive to the outside. He then chokes Matanza with a camera cable.

-Pentagon continues to dominate on the outside with kicks and chops. He also introduces a steel chair.

-Those poor people with the fold up chairs have to move again as Pentagon tosses Matanza into them.

-They finally get back into the ring. Pentagon hits a superkick and backbreaker as Dario begs Matanza to wake up and think of mama.

-Matanza finally gets some offense. He catches Pentagon with an elbow and throws Pentagon into a chair set up in the corner.

-Matanza is able to hit some of his signature moves. But he goes for a dive to the outside and Pentagon catches him with a chair to the head. He then hits a Mexican Destroyer.

-Vampiro introduces a barbed wire bat. Dario Cueto pushes Pentagon away. Pentagon goes to break Dario’s arm. But Matanza hits Pentagon with the bat then hits the Wrath of the Gods to get the win.

-Vampiro goes to talk to Pentagon after the match but Pentagon shoves him away.

WINNER and STILL Lucha Underground Champion: Matanza- That’s really surprising to me. It seemed like they were building up Pentagon throughout the season to be the one to dethrone Matanza. But it didn’t happen. It seems like they are going to turn Pentagon darker in the coming season. Maybe that will explain why he didn’t win the Title. But I don’t know what else they can do to possibly take the Title off of Matanza. This is another odd one.

Taya vs Ivelisse

-Ivelisse gets the upper hand early on and rams Taya’s head into the corner ten times.

-Taya responds by catching the leg of Ivelisse and slamming her down on the apron.

-Taya does a little too much taunting. Ivelisse takes down Taya sending her face first into those wooden chairs.

-Ivelisse hits a crossbody off the railing. Taya comes back and slams Ivelisse’s head into the announce table a handful of times. They had to use the back camera shot because Ivelisse was about a foot away from actually hitting the table with her head.

-They finally get back to the ring. Then things get weird. The lights go out and Catrina is in the ring. She takes out Ivelisse. The lights go out and when they come back on Catrina is on the top of the bleachers and the ref is back in the ring looking confused. Taya then hits the double boots for the win. The lights go out then back on and Catrina is in the ring. She picks up Ivelisse and says “Death comes to everyone, bitch.” She then gives the lick of death to Ivelisse.

WINNER: Taya- That was a good match, and then came the theatrics. Those lights off/on cuts were done real quick. I’m assuming it took longer live. But since this show isn’t live they were able to do it as quick as they did. It was actually a good brawl up until that point. I’m guessing Catrina gets in the ring next season.

Prince Puma vs Rey Mysterio Jr

-Both men exchange flips and counters early. Puma lands on his feet a couple times and taunts Rey.

-Puma blocks a head scissors and drops Rey on his knees.

-Puma goes over the ropes and keeps Rey on his shoulders. Rey reverses it and hits a hurricarrana into the apron.

-Both men exchange roll up attempts. Rey goes for a springboard moonsault but Puma catches him. But Rey hits a tilt-a-whirl DDT for two.

-Rey goes for a hurricarrana off the top but Puma catches him. Puma hits a Northern lights suplex followed by a Jackhammer suplex.

-Both men struggle for position on the top rope. Rey eventually hits a rewind-ranna off the top for two.

-Puma lands a handful of uppercuts then drops Rey on his knees and follows up with a Blue Thunderbomb but only gets two.

-Rey gets Puma in position for the 619. But Puma moves and hits an enziguri. He then hits a 619 on his own and a springboard 630. But he only gets two again.

-Puma goes for the 630 and Striker says Puma does his own “Sorry I Love You” moment. Rey moves out of the way.

-Rey goes for the 619 but Puma blocks it. Puma goes for the Tombstone-Codebreaker but Rey blocks it. Rey finally hits the 619 then the West Coast Pop into a hurricarrana for the win.

-Both men hugged after the match.

WINNER: Rey Mysterio Jr- Great match, but I think the wrong guy one. Puma got in so much offense and Rey kicked out. But Puma couldn’t kick out of one 619? I personally would have had Puma kick out once and then have Puma win with a 630 bomb. But the match was great action throughout.

-As Matt Striker and Vampiro are thanking the fans, Pentagon Dark comes out and hits Vampiro with the barbed wire bat and superkicks Matt Striker. Pnetagon cuts open Vampiro’s head with the bat. Pentagon tells Vampiro that he is longer his master. Pentagon says he is his own master, and Vampiro’s blood feeds him. Pentagon licks up Vampiro’s blood off his hands.

-We cut to a shot of Dario Cueto being taken away in handcuffs. They eventually show him with an evil smile on his face. A “To Be Continued” shows up to end the show.

OVERALL: I’d say it was a pretty disappointing finale. Rey/Puma was good but I think the wrong guy went over. The woman’s brawl was fun. Everything else was okay. The easiest story was Pentagon winning the Title. But for some reason, the writers wanted to turn him heel again? And then of course he doesn’t end up winning the Title. It was just such an easy story to tell and they didn’t do it.

Season 2 was really hit or miss and not much in between. There were fewer great matches. Storylines were kind of all over the place. It seems like Season 2 was really used to transition into Season 3 which is coming in the fall I believe. I’ll have more on that later.

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