WWE RAW 7.25.16: Five Thoughts w/Justin C


1. The WWE Universal Championship Sounds Really Dumb

-I don’t know who came up with that name, but they should immediately be fired. We get it, you like to use the “WWE Universe” a lot. But that doesn’t mean you name your brand’s World Title after it. My guess is that they didn’t want to bring back the World Heavyweight Championship again. But there had to be better options than what they came up with. You had three weeks to think about this and this is the best you could come up with?

2. The Club Fighting New Day Is Fine. But Where Does That Leave Enzo and Cass?

-I guess the WWE really didn’t want to split the crowd with a potential New Day/Enzo and Cass match. And The Club needed to make a statement after losing last night and now not being associated with AJ Styles. Taking out the New Day was a good way to gain some heel heat and they should have a good match with each other. But Enzo and Cass were just in a filler match with the Shining Stars. Hopefully they get a little more than that in the coming weeks.

3. Sasha Banks vs Charlotte Should Have Been The Main Event

-Damn, was that a good match. Charlotte and Sasha went out and pulled all the stops in this one. I thought Sasha was hurt after that suicide dive to the outside. Then I was scared to death when Charlotte went for that moonsault from the top rope. These two sacrificed life and limb to put on one hell of a show.

I’m quite surprised that the WWE went with the Title change here. I thought for sure they ould be saving that for SummerSlam. I honestly have no idea how they can top this match at SummerSlam. Once they got back from commercial break it kicked into another gear. Plus there was a great moment at the end with both women staring down each other and Charlotte saying “You will never beat me!” And that was right before Sasha locked in the Banks Statement. Just a great story all around from these two women.

4. Jobber Matches Being Back Is A Okay With Me

-Nia Jax and Braun Strowman each had one. On a side note, I love the start of Strowman’s entrance: BRRRRAAUUUNNNNNN!!! Hell, they even game the guy Braun faced some mic time which was unique. It will help get the likes of Strowman and Nia Jax over and keep their matches short. And maybe one day, there will be a 1-2-3 Kid over Razor Ramon upset that everyone will love.

5. Finn Balor Beat Roman Reigns. THIS IS NOT A DRILL!

-If you are a normal WWE fan like me, you thought Roman Reigns was going to beat Finn Balor in the main event. That is how the WWE works. They bring along this new guy that the fans love and want to see win, but in the end their guy stands tall. That is how the WWE works.

Well, that didn’t happen tonight. Finn Balor arrived and made a statement on his first night. He won his Fatal 4 Way and then had a good match with Reigns in the main event. Balor/Rollins will be an awesome match at SummerSlam. Where that leaves Reigns for SummerSlam is an interesting case. There are a good amount of options for him on RAW. But none of them are really marquee matches. If tonight was the start of the New Era, it definitely made an impact.

Highlight of the Night: Sasha Banks Wins The Women’s Championship: Finn Balor beating Roman Reigns would have taken this any other night. But not tonight. Sasha’s win was a great moment.

-I can’t even think of a lowlight of the night. This was a pretty great show that had FOUR very good matches on it. My guess is that we will get more storylines played out over the coming weeks leading to SummerSlam. And Brock Lesnar will be on the show next week.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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