WWE Cruiserweight Classic: 2nd Round Results From 8.10.16


-Corey Graves is wearing one of the most hideous shirts I’ve ever seen.

Tajiri vs Gran Metalik

-We get two different “feeling out” exchanges from both men.

-Now both men exchange submissions without a flaw.

-Metalik hits a running head scissors. Tajiri ducks a baseball slide but Metalik catches him with a superkick.

-Tajiri catches Metalik with a buzzsaw kick. He takes the upper hand. He applies a head scissors submission and at one point humps Metalik’s head into the ground.

-Metalik catches Tajiri with an elbow then sends him to the outside. Metalik goes up top and walks the ropes into a senton to the outside.

-Metalik hits a Dragon Screw Leg Whip on the ropes. Ouch.

-This time Metalik walks the ropes in the ring and hits an elbow drop for two.

-I’ve spotted a “Dusty Sucks Eggs” shirt in the crowd. That’s REALLY old school.

-Tajiri regains the upper hand with a kick then puts Metalik in the tree of woe and hits his patented baseball slide.

-Metalik goes to the top but Tajiri catches him with a powerbomb.

-Tajiri blocks a pinfall counter into a submission move.

-Tajiri misses with a buzzsaw kick, allowing Metalik to hit his finisher, the Metalik Screwdriver, for the win. Fun match.

WINNER: Gran Metalik– Very good match. I was fine with the veterans winning in the first round. But if they are going to make this a showcase for new people than Gran Metalik needed to win here. Great start and good counters throughout. Tajiri looks like he hasn’t missed a step since his WWE days.

Kota Ibushi vs Cedric Alexander

-Both men exchange armbars early making Chris Jericho proud.

-GREAT exchange involving some near fall attempts. Cedric ducks an Ibushi kick. Ibushi tosses Alexander aside when he goes for a standing hurricarrana.

-Alexander catches Ibushi with a hard elbow. Alexander then hits an uppercut but takes too long after, allowing Ibushi to hit a hard kick to the chest.

-Ibushi goes for a running springboard moonsault to the outside. Alexander escapes and hits a running senton to the outside.

-Back in the ring Alexander hits a springboard flying clothesline for two.

-Alexander blocks a kick to the chest and hits a HARD slap to the jaw. Jeeeezzuuusss.

-Ibushi escapes a suplex and hits a great looking dropkick.

-Ibushi lands a flurry of kicks. Alexander ducks a kick but Ibushi hits a standing corkscrew.

-This time Ibushi connects on his moonsault. He also hits it from the top rope.

-Daniel Bryan’s commentary is the perfect mix of enthusiasm and wrestling analysis.

-Alexander catches Ibushi with a Michinoku Driver for two.

-A slight slip up on a top rope Frankensteiner but Alexander lands on his feet. But Ibushi catches Alexander with a Pele kick.

-Alexander hits a brain buster. KICK OUT. Alexander comes right back with a kick to the face. KICK OUT.

-Mauro reminds us there is 5 minutes remaining.

-Ibushi ducks a kick. He then hits Alexander with a german suplex followed by a kick to the head and follows it up with his sit down powerbomb for the win.

-After the match the crowd is chanting “Please Sign Cedric” as Cedric salutes the crowd. Triple H comes out to shake Cedric’s hand. He then gives the crowd a thumbs up and says “okay.” The crowd chants “YES” to close the show.

WINNER: Kota Ibushi– I think I need a cigarette and I don’t even smoke. That match was great. The near falls, the counters, the pace of the match: Everything you want in a wrestling match. And it wasn’t just your typical “big move, kick out, rest spot, repeat” formula. It just kept going and going and going. I’m assuming Cedric Alexander ends up on RAW. He put on one hell of a performance. If you are reading this and haven’t watched the match, go watch it. NOW.

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