WWE Smackdown Live 8.9.16: Five Thoughts w/ Cameron Dougharty


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Two weeks into the brand split it’s become more and more clear that the WWE continues to value it’s Raw brand over Smackdown. Nice try distracting us with Daniel Bryan; I’m not buying. 

1. Dean Ambrose as WWE Champion Then, Now, Forever.

Dean Ambrose will be defending his WWE World Title at Summerslam against Dolph Ziggler and in typical WWE fashion, with no real plan ahead, put the two in a tag team to face off against possibly, the worst booked characters in recent memory; Bray Wyatt and Erik Rowan. When the WWE decided to split the roster down the middle and not rationally, AT ALL, I expected names like Ziggler and Wyatt to have bigger roles on Smackdown. Both men are deserving of the spotlight but Ambrose does and should reign supreme as the top dog on the ‘B’ show.

2. Can they just future endeavor Eva Marie already?

I didn’t even touch on Eva Marie’s segment last week and will barely do so this week. Her new, elegant entrance or whatever does nothing for me. Her faking injuries or losing clothing does nothing for me. In a time where women’s wrestling has really come to the forefront with names like Sasha Banks, Bayley, Asuka, Charlotte and Becky Lynch, is the WWE really setting themselves back ten years trying to get Marie over? Biggest waste of time in that production meeting.

3. American Alpha ain’t no Braun Strowman

Jason Jordan and Chad Gable have developed great chemistry together during their time in NXT. Fans have accepted their babyface characters as the second coming of Kurt Angle. So why oh why wrestling gods are they featured in a gloried squash match? Just give these guys the new tag team titles and lets see what they can really do. The Smackdown tag team division is as thick as rainstorm in the desert. If you want the average, casual fan to buy into these guys completely The Ascension needs to beat them down, the Vaudevillians need to steal all their gold or whatever and let the faces wrestle damn it.

4. No Styles, No Cena? Believe in Randy Orton

The WWE’s house show circuit is down under this week so the Smackdown roster was, well depleted. Other than Ambrose and maybe Bray Wyatt, Randy Orton was Smackdown’s biggest draw on Tuesday night. Hey somebody has to keep this blue ship going, right? He faced off against a guy who lost his job, went and had a whole bunch of fun working for other companies but decided it was best to come back so he could be paired in a European racist group. The match between Alberto Del Rio and Orton was, well a traditional WWE match and that’s all I really have to say about that.

5. What is Smackdown Live Lacking?

The WWE announced that a cruiserweight championship is coming back to the WWE but will only be featured on Raw. Raw, arguably, is already the WWE’s number one show. They have all the top storylines and talent, minus John Cena, AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose, so why give Raw another title? Why not let the cruiserweight title be a major draw for Smackdown? The WWE should and hopefully will sign a few guys from the Cruiserweight Classic. What a better spot for them then on the show that features Raw rewinds and Eva Marie disasters?

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