WWE RAW 8.15.16: Five Thoughts w/Justin C


1. The Booking of Sami Zayn Leaves A Lot To Be Desired

At Battleground, Sami Zayn defeated Kevin Owens in a match that ended their long standing rivalry for the time being. Many people, myself included, thought this was the start of a push for Zayn. I thought he would have been perfect to challenge Rusev for the United States Championship at SummerSlam.

I know he picked up the win this week over Sheamus. And that is good for him. But Zayn is being used as a pawn in the feud between Cesaro and Sheamus. He should have his own feud at this point. There are plenty of options for Zayn on RAW. Of course, I still think Zayn and Owens should have ended up on different shows. Zayn on Smackdown would have helped that brand. But he is lost in the shuffle on RAW.

2. This Heath Slater Angle Needs A Good Payoff: Because Slater Deserves It

I thought this was going to be a giant joke angle. And in some ways it still is. But Heath Slater has been busting his ass every week doing these angles and skits. And you know what? This angle has helped Slater more than any other angle he has ever been involved in. Yes, that even includes the Nexus angle.

The problem is finding a proper payoff for this angle. Slater isn’t going to win a major Title. Maybe he upsets someone for the United States or Intercontinental Title. But Slater standing in the ring with Brock Lesnar tonight helped him out.

And in case you were wondering, Paul Heyman can still sell a match.

3. Why Give Away The “Demon” Look Before Sunday?

It could be considered a minor complaint from me, but I would have saved the Demon Balor look for SummerSlam. There was no real reason for him to come out tonight. And that is especially the case considering they were in front of the always awful Corpus Christi crowd. They could have done a tease of it on the Titantron and maybe have a couple of people show up that looked like Balor. But Finn Balor would then show up on the stage and just laugh at the fear of Rollins. I mean if you really wanted him to show up as the Demon, at least save the entrance.

4. Serious New Day Makes A Return!

Sometimes the WWE makes me happy. If you read my posts, you’ve known for months that I wanted a serious edge to New Day. The WWE teases it here and there but never follows through. Well they showed us the serious side of New Day tonight when Kofi and Xaiver took out Anderson and Gallows. If it happens on more of a consistent basis then New Day will freshen up their act and can still be a good act for a bit longer.

5. Why Give Away Reigns/Rusev?

That seemed like an odd way to build up Rusev vs Reigns by giving it away in a pretty long match on TV. Not only that, but the way they were booking the feud throughout the show made no sense. If you were a first time viewer, the announcers constantly talked about Rusev wanting to defend his wife’s honor throughout the entire show. Why would that make Rusev the heel? It was kind of dumb. And in addition, that whole Rusev/Reigns match on TV six days before SummerSlam doesn’t make any sense. I mean I’m sure most fans probably already thought Reigns had a chance against Rusev. They didn’t need to see him get a pinfall win to be convinced. It was an odd way to end the show.

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Justin C

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