WWE Smackdown Live 8.16.19: Five Thoughts w/ Cameron Dougharty

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Where is Apollo when you need him?

  1. Another outstanding edition of Miz TV graced us all this week adding more and more fuel to the fire Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler ignited weeks ago just days before the two battle for the WWE World Title. The Miz has a match on Sunday too as he defends the Intercontinental Championship against Apollo Crews.  My gut told me the WWE was going to put the title on Apollo and let the new generation of stars collide against each other; I’m starting to think otherwise.


12 Man Tag Team Match, because, ya know.

2. American Alpha headlined a showcase, if you want to go in that far into it, of every tag team the Smackdown brand has to offer. Secretly I was hoping Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens would both be drafted to Smackdown to reign supreme as tag team champions forced together but I’ll settle for American Alpha having solid matches with the Hype Bros and Vaudevillians.


Randy Orton has a match on a WWE PPV this Sunday

3. After Brock Lesnar won his fight at UFC 200 the anticipation grew for his match against returning Randy Orton. The two exchanged blows on their opponents respected brand and now both men were fed the free agent talent, Heath Slater. Summerslam is this Sunday and the card is stacked, Brock and Randy’s match, as must see as it is for a lot of people, will only be lost in the shuffle of the Summer’s hottest event.


No Eva Marie match, again, thank god

4. Once again this week we were all robbed of an Eva Marie match. She has now been suspended today by the WWE for 30 days after her first wellness policy violation. Let’s all collectively pray she is completely forgotten about after those thirty days are up.


John Cena wins Tuesday, AJ’s wining Sunday, right?

5. John Cena defeated Alberto Del Rio, who also has since been suspended, in the main event Tuesday night. He also countered AJ Styles’ from behind attack and eventually hit the former IWGP Champion with an AA across the announce table; AJ’s going to win for sure on Sunday now, right? RIGHT? Recent history has dictated that the likes of Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn could go toe to toe with the former champion but beating him more than once, completely out of the question. Only time will tell if AJ can beat Cena in back to back ppv’s.

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