WWE SummerSlam Preview

WWE SummerSlam is this Sunday. The show always seems to cap off the end of the WWE’s summer storylines. You could also say when SummerSlam comes about it signals the end of summer as well.

On paper, this looks like a great card. The top 4 matches on this show should all deliver from an in ring standpoint. Some of the stories are lacking in substance, but hopefully the in ring action makes up for it. The card will easily be better than last year’s show. I hate that SummerSlam is 4 hours again. But the matches taking place will hopefully make the time fly by.

There was a six woman tag from Smackdown that had Becky Lynch/Carmella/Naomi vs Natalya/Alexa Bliss/Eva Marie. But Eva Marie is suspended and the WWE.com preview itself says the match is in limbo. So I’m not previewing that.

But on to the rest of the card!

Cesaro/Sheamu SSlam 2016

Cesaro vs Sheamus

JC: Mick Foley announced on RAW this past Monday that these two will have a best of seven series. And it starts this Sunday. Of course, Cesaro has already beaten Sheamus twice. So why start now? These two always have solid matches. I fully expect them to be stiffing the shit out of each other by the end of this. I also would like to see some sort of prize announced for the winner. Maybe a Title shot at a RAW PPV? I’ll take Sheamus to win the first match here.

WINNER: Sheamus

IC Title SSlam

Intercontinental Championship: The Miz (c) vs Apollo Crews

JC: You know, it’d be really funny and awesome if the WWE could get the real Apollo Creed to be in the corner of Crews in this match. It will never happen but it’d be great. This feud hasn’t developed the way I thought it would. Apollo Crews wasn’t on the show two weeks ago. And this past week, Crews interacted with Miz DURING A COMMERCIAL BREAK. So there is very little fanfare going into this match. I thought Crews would win here. But with the lack of build I doubt that happens. Crew should be the one to dethrone Miz, but it doesn’t happen here. A Maryse distraction allow Miz to roll-up Crews, hold the tights, and pick up the win.


Enzo/Cass vs JeriKO SSlam 2016

Big Cass and Enzo Amore vs Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens

JC: If you are looking for your opener, look no further. There is no one better at getting the crowd going than Enzo Amore. Of course that means you could also use Enzo to get the crowd back in it after a letdown of a finish. But I don’t think that happens. While these four have been entertaining since the feud has started, I also think they are just scratching the surface. When the Tag Titles match was announced I was worried where Enzo and Cass would end up. The WWE couldn’t find a better set of opponents. And I think when it is done, we will see a Kevin Owens/Chris Jericho feud. Enzo and Cass are a long term team while Jericho and Owens aren’t. I’m giving Enzo and Cass the win.

WINNERS: Big Cass and Enzo Amore

Tag Titles SSlam

WWE Tag Team Championship: New Day (c) vs Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

JC: The New Day are very hot and cold for me. There are times when I see there serious side and think they have turned a corner. But then there are times when they go right back to their goofy side and don’t seem to take anything as a threat. They are still entertaining. But at times they can be too inconsistent. Gallows and Anderson have been great in their doctor skits. But they have also shown their serious side, taking out New Day. And Big E is out hurt due to his “testicular contusion” suffered at the hands of Gallows and Anderson. Of course, I bet Big E makes an appearance this Sunday.

SummerSlam will mark a full WWE year as New Day being Tag Champs. But I think it is time for that to come to an end. Gallows and Anderson are great heels and a change is needed in the Tag Team Division. I think Gallows and Anderson get the win. And hopefully New Day takes their game up a notch to try and get the Titles back,

WINNERS: Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

US Title SSlam

United States Championship: Rusev (c) vs Roman Reigns

JC: When it became clear that we were getting this match at SummerSlam I was excited. Reigns confronting Rusev was the exact way they should have booked him from the start: The silent ass kicker. But then they tried to add comedy into Reigns act again and it bombed for the most part. Then they had these two fight on RAW this week in a rather long match. The match was fine. But why give it away on TV before SummerSlam? Not only that, but the announcers kept talking about Rusev “defending his wife Lana’s honor.” If you were watching the show for the first time, you would assume Rusev was the good guy. It was a bad decision.

I think Rusev has been fantastic in recent month. Of course if you know me you know I am a big fan of Rusev. He could be a top heel for awhile on RAW. We don’t know what is going to happen with Roman Reigns. He’s eventually going to be back in the main event. It is just a matter of when. And he will definitely get booed in Brooklyn. This is a tough call. But I don’t think Rusev loses twice in six days. Rusev retains as Reigns passes out in the Accolade.


Womens Title SSlam

Women’s Championship: Sasha Banks (c) vs Charlotte

JC: Go ahead and call me crazy, but I think this match could’ve main evented if Charlotte was still Champion. They would have needed to build the match up a bit more. But you wouldn’t have topped the pop Sasha would have received if she won the Title at SummerSlam.

Of course now I’m sitting here worried that the WWE might hot shot the Title back to Charlotte. If they did it would be a dumb move. Sasha has earned her spot at the top and taking the Title off her this quickly would be bad for business. I have a pretty strong feeling that Bayley is going to debut soon and be on RAW. And she doesn’t have to come in and feud for the Title right away. If Sasha hangs on to the Title, then she can move on to a feud with Nia Jax and Bayley can feud with Charlotte. I’ll continue to say Charlotte is perfectly fine in her heel role and she could be a great foil for Bayley. But at SummerSlam, Sasha retains.

WINNER: Sasha Banks

Cena/Styles SSlam

John Cena vs AJ Styles

JC: I don’t know why, but I am not as into this match as I was with the first one. Maybe because the build hasn’t been as big. Or the fact that the SummerSlam card is so stacked. I still think this ends up being the match of the night when the show is over. I really do expect this match to have no interference and a decisive winner.

AJ Styles WWE run has been great so far. I don’t know if anyone thought he would be as big as he’s become in the company. Vince McMahon trusts him to go out there and do his thing every night. Cena also continues to keep performing at a great level. Who would have thought Cena would get better as his career went on.

This feud is simply about proving who is the best. John Cena is going back to film his TV show in the coming weeks. I don’t think he will miss any TV, but he is someone who can rebound from a loss because he is Cena. A win for Styles here would make him in the WWE. And I think Styles is next in line for a WWE Title shot against Dean Ambrose. This may surprise some, but I think AJ Styles pins John Cena clean to win. By the end of the year, Smackdown will be centered around AJ Styles.


WWE Title SSlam

WWE Championship: Dean Ambrose (c) vs Dolph Ziggler

JC: I was in the crowd when Dolph Ziggler won the six pack challenge to become the #1 Contender. Myself, along with quite a few others, were shocked when Ziggler won. I thought for sure Bray Wyatt would end up winning. But the WWE went with Ziggler, and had him pin AJ Styles in the process.

I think the WWE has built Ziggler back up nicely. Ziggler knows this could be his last shot and isn’t afraid to face that coming into the match Sunday. And Ambrose has been a good foil for Ziggler as well. The promo on Smackdown this past Tuesday was good. And I think these two can put on a good match if given the right amount of time. I think Ambrose retains the Title here. While Ziggler has stepped up since becoming #1 Contender, I just don’t see him winning the Title here.

WINNER: Dean Ambrose

Universal Title SSlam

Universal Championship: Finn Balor vs Seth Rollins

JC: I think this match ends up going on last. It would help establish the credibility of the Title right away. You can have the Demon entrance at the end. Yes, I know the WWE gave it away on RAW. That was stupid. If you want to show Demon Balor that is fine but don’t do the whole entrance.

Finn Balor being immediately thrust into a main event role on RAW is a bit of luck. I doubt he has this spot if Roman Reigns doesn’t get suspended. But Balor has shown he belongs in this spot as well after his two wins on RAW to get put in the match. Balor’s work all around the world has helped him be ready for this spot. And of course, we know how good Rollins is. He’s The Man. His work since returning from injury is nothing short of magnificent.

But who wins? If Balor loses then it kind of hurts his standing a bit. But if Balor wins, what does that mean for Seth Rollins? Rollins is the guy on RAW. And if he loses at SummerSlam it might hurt him too. I’ve seen some suggest a double turn and have Gallows and Anderson help Balor win. But I wouldn’t go that route at all. This is a tough match to predict. It needs a clean winner. I’m going with Finn Balor to pick up the win. Rollins can recover from a loss better.

WINNER: Finn Balor

Lesnar/Orton SSlam

Brock Lesnar vs Randy Orton

JC: This is probably the match I’m most excited for. The WWE made me want to see this match. I had very little interest when the match was first announced. But the hype that the WWE put behind this match changed my thoughts.

Randy Orton looks like a completely different person since coming back from his injury. He seems highly motivated and actually looks to care about everything that he is doing. And Brock Lesnar continues to be Brock Lesnar. He has Paul Heyman talking for him, but his work in the video promos is great.

These two only interacted with each other twice in the build, but both times were good. Orton’s RKO OUT OF NOWHERE on Lesnar was great. And Lesnar’s retaliation was good. The subsequent video packages that they’ve done for the match  have given great background stories to both men. With Lesnar’s lack of appearances, the WWE really needs to knock these video packages out of the park. And more often than not they do.

I still think in the end Brock Lesnar wins. I would love to give the win to Orton. But if Lesnar is going to be challenging for the Universal Title in the fall/winter, it would make sense to give him a win. It looks like Orton moves on to a feud with Bray Wyatt (as teased on Smackdown). Orton really doesn’t need a win going into that feud. But please, DO NOT let Wyatt interfere in this match.

WINNER: Brock Lesnar

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