Finn Balor Injured At SummerSlam UPDATE: Relinquishes Universal Championship

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Wrestling fans aren’t apparently allowed to have nice things.

What has been rumored all day was just confirmed by

Inaugural WWE Universal Champion Finn Bálor suffered an injury to his right shoulder against Seth Rollins at SummerSlam, can confirm.

The injury came in the course of Bálor and Rollins’ match to determine which Superstar would become the first WWE Universal Champion, specifically when Bálor absorbed a running powerbomb to the barricade at the hands of The Architect.

“He hit the wall during the match, dislocated his shoulder and was able to put it back in himself in a split second,” said ringside physician Dr. Chris Robinson. Bálor was able to finish the match, but Dr. Robinson noted that an MRI yielded results earlier today showing “a possible labrum tear.”

The champion is currently scheduled to receive a surgical consult that will determine the extent of Bálor’s injury and what his recovery time will be. If surgery and rehab are required, Robinson said, Bálor could be facing a recovery time of “anywhere from four to six months”.

Check back with for updates on Bálor’s condition.

First off, mad props to Balor for popping his shoulder back into place on the fly. That must take a lot of balls.

Second, this sucks. I don’t know why the WWE website lists labrum tears as a possible 4 to 6 month recovery time. I guess you maybe add a little bit of extra time to get back into wrestling condition. But most labrum tears are healed in 3 months. Six seems a bit excessive. I’m assuming this is also the end of the turnbuckle/barricade powerbomb. That’s the same move that injured Sting.

I’m assuming they will address the injury tonight on RAW. It probably won’t be until next week when they know Balor’s exact situation and if surgery is required. If it is, I’m assuming Balor drops the Title and a mini tournament is held.

Either way, this couldn’t come at a worst time for the WWE.

UPDATE: Mick Foley has tweeted that Finn Balor has relinquished the Universal Championship:

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