WWE RAW 8.22.16: Five Thoughts w/Justin C


1. The WWE Came Up With The Lamest Way To Crown A New Champion

Could they not have come up with something more creative? I would have settled for a battle royal. That would at least give the idea that anyone had a chance. Or even a large tournament that ended at Clash of the Champions. But instead we received a “series of matches” that leads to the Fatal 4 Way next week. A battle royal, I might have gone with a mini Royal Rumble instead, that lasted the third hour would have been fun. But the matches that were set instead were very predictable and took a good amount of steam out of the night.

2. Sami Zayn Will Be A Great Underdog Babyface Someday

It still baffles me that the WWE had NOTHING planned for Sami Zayn after he beat Kevin Owens at Battleground. I mean I really shouldn’t be surprised given the WWE’s background. I thought for sure he would challenge Rusev for the U.S. Title at SummerSlam. But instead he was relegated to the pre-show.

But Zayn’s work tonight in his match with Seth Rollins was great. I thought he was legit injured at first. But as the match went on you knew it was an angle. And they actually protected Sami with it. If the WWE gets behind Zayn, they could have another Daniel Bryan on their hands. I think Zayn might actually be more of a pure babyface than Bryan was. I hope Zayn gets a run at the U.S. Title in the near future. And it should lead to more things for him down the line. Zayn is too good to keep down.

3. Bayley on RAW Is The Smart Thing To Do

I know there were some people that wanted Bayley on Smackdown. But with the status of RAW’s women’s division, Bayley was needed. Sasha Banks is out for a few weeks. Paige is suspended. There are no other credible faces on the RAW side to challenge Charlotte at the moment. Charlotte/Bayley will happen at Clash of the Champions, and I guess Bayley wins via DQ. The money match is Bayley vs Sasha Banks, which will happen at Wrestlemania.

Bayley should get over on the main roster just like she did on NXT. Her character is way too likable not to get over. Not only that, she is very good in the ring. If Bayley fails on RAW, it will absolutely be on the WWE management.

4. Gallows and Anderson Need To Win the Tag Titles ASAP

There are only so many beatdowns Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson can do before they lose steam. Just earlier in the night, Karl Anderson lost to Big E. A little over an hour later, they attack the Dudley Boyz. But these kind of beatdowns don’t mean much if Gallows and Anderson don’t win in the end. And it was evident tonight because there was very little reaction to their beatdown of the Dudleyz. If they don’t win the Tag Titles at Clash of the Champions, they may have run out of chances.

On a side note, I was actually disappointed in the Dudley Boyz segment. I thought for sure we were getting a Bubba Ray heel turn, and a transition into Bully Ray. But that didn’t happen. I’m assuming the Dudleyz actually retired tonight.

5. I Hope We Aren’t Back To Square One

With Finn Balor injured, I have a feeling we might be going back to a Roman Reigns push on RAW. It’s just a hunch. There are no other faces left. It doesn’t look like Sami Zayn is getting that spot. Enzo and Cass are a tag team. Unless the WWE decided to go really crazy and do a heel vs heel feud involving Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins. Reigns is left as the default top babyface and we might be getting a couple months of Reigns chasing a Champion Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship.


Bayley defeated Dana Brooke

BRRRRAAAAUUUNNNN Strowman defeated Johnny Knockout

Universal Title “Series of Matches”; Winners Fight in a Fatal 4 Way Next Week To Determine the New Universal Champion:

Seth Rollins defeated Sami Zayn

Kevin Owens defeated Neville

Big Cass defeated Rusev via Countout- How stupid is that? Sure Rusev was hurt, but walking out on a Universal Title shot? Way to put your new Title over!

Roman Reigns defeated Chris Jericho


LOWLIGHT OF THE NIGHT: Titus O’Neil Promo- It was painfully awful to watch. He stumbled over his words in the beginning and never fully recovered.

OVERALL: A pretty mediocre show. But hope for the future isn’t that bright with Finn Balor injured, Sasha Banks on the shelf for awhile, and Brock Lesnar gone until the winter. There isn’t a lot to get excited for on RAW right now. And if Roman Reigns walks out Universal Champion, then things may go from bad to worse really quickly.

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Justin C

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