WWE Cruiserweight Classic 2nd Round Results For 8.24.16


Rich Swann vs  Lince Dorado

-Swann is probably the most charismatic wrestler in the entire tournament. And the crowd loves him so that’s a plus. He will be on RAW.

-Dorado has fake paper teeth on his mask, Swann has wings on his tights.

-Both men go for a head scissors but they each land on their feet.

-Swann goes for a test of strength. Dorado stops him, then shows Swann some dance moves of his own.

-We get some action as Dorado hits a springboard plancha to the outside.

-Dorado blocks a Frankensteiner off the top. They then charge at each other and both connect on a boot to the face.

-They exchange a barrage of forearms. Dorado eventually gains the upper hand and hits a crossbody for two.

-Swann connects on a DDT and goes for the standing 450, but Dorado gets his knees up.

-Swann leapfrogs Dorado, but Dorado surprises him with a reverse-ranna.

-Dorado misses a Shooting Star Press, so Swann comes back with a Phoenix Splash to pick up the win. Fun match.

WINNER: Rich Swann

Zack Sabre Jr. vs Drew Gulak

-Gulak slaps Sabre’s hand away when he goes for a handshake. What a jerk!

-Gulak tries to out technical wrestle Sabre put Sabre will have none of that.

-Both men exchange submission holds. Gulak goes to the top but Sabre grabs his arm on the way down and applies an armbar.

-Gulak escapes the armbar and applies a Gory Guerrero special as the crowd looks on and feels the pain.

-Sabre gets the Kimura locked in. But Gulak escapes and tosses Sabre into the ropes.

-Both men exchange some hard slaps to the face. Gulak knocks Sabre down. Gulak goes for the Dragon Sleeper, but Sabre escapes into a nice pin counter to pick up the win.

WINNER: Zack Sabre Jr.

Johnny Gargano vs T.J. Perkins

-Gargano hits a nice suicide dive to the outside early.

-I like that they are talking about Gargano’s knee injury from Takeover, despite this being taped well before it.

-Gargano ends up on the apron but spears Perkins through the ropes in the ring.

-Gargano catches Perkins coming off the top with a superkick on the apron. He then hits a Swanton to the outside off the apron and Gargano’s leg hits the ring bell table.

-Perkins catches Gargano coming back in the ring and kicks him then knees him in the face.

-Gargano goes for a lawn dart but his knee gives out. Perkins goes for a knee bar but Gargano counters into a crossface.

-Gargano drops Perkins on the turnbuckle then hits the lawn dart into the corner but only gets a two count.

-Perkins connects on an enziguri then applies a kneebar. Gargano taps. Somewhat surprising, but Gargano is already a made man in NXT.

WINNER: T.J. Perkins

The Quarterfinals are now set. Akira Tozawa vs Gran Metalik, Zack Sabre Jr vs Noam Dar, THE Brian Kendrick vs Kota Ibushi, T.J. Perkins vs Rich Swann. My guess is the SemiFinals will be Metalik vs Sabre Jr and Ibushi vs Swann. Ibushi vs Metalik in the finals with Ibushi going over.

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