WWE Smackdown Live 8.23.16: Five Thoughts w/ Cameron Dougharty

New Smackdown Logo



Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon unveil two new titles; spoilers they’re both blue.

1. I have always been an advocate for the WWE adding or bringing back classic titles just for the sake of giving their talent something to strive and fight for. This past Tuesday they did just that by adding a Smackdown Women’s Championship and Smackdown exclusive tag team titles. I am for one completely ok with it because of two important reasons, both being talent. Raw has the Women’s Championship and the WWE Tag Team titles so, obviously, tag teams and the women wrestlers on the Smackdown brand would, theoretically, never hold the titles unless the WWE implemented some wacky booking allowing certain Superstars to appear on both shows. So who gains from the WWE adding more titles to bring their total to seven, yes seven, different champions? Simple, American Alpha and Becky Lynch. Both American Alpha and Becky are great as all three of these talents are would probably never really get a solid chance to hold tag team and women’s gold. Bringing in new titles may to some people dumb down their value, but hey who wouldn’t want to carry around heavy belts from airport to airport?

Who doesn’t love a title tournament?

2. When Finn Balor was forced to relinquish his newly won Universal Title less than 24 hours after winning it Raw decided it was much better to have a tournament span over two weeks to decide the new champion Smackdown followed right behind. Both the new tag team titles and Women’s Championship will be decided in a tournament style over the next few weeks. I would be more than shocked if American Alpha isn’t the first Smackdown tag team champions. As far as the women go, my money is on Becky Lynch but something tells me the freshly returning Nikki Bella will have something to say about that. Hey, it’s always better for the babyface to chase, right Daniel?

Bray Wyatt is back and he’s hungry for a snake

3. Randy Orton didn’t miss one show after taking that savage kayfabe, despite what Chris Jericho thinks, beating from Brock Lesnar at Summerslam. I understand the WWE’s mind frame when they chose to have Lesnar beat Orton but to the extent that it happened surprised me and just about everyone in the world. Orton is arguably Smackdown’s biggest draw, of course including AJ Styles and John Cena in that conversation, so Randy needed to bounce back quickly, he is the legend killer after all damn it. And what other way to make Randy great again than put him against the worst booked heel of the modern era, Bray Wyatt; stay tuned.

AJ Styles > Dolph Ziggler, then, now, forever

4. Fresh off his second victory over John Cena, AJ Styles was in the mood to pick on the guys in the back who can’t lace his boots. Dolph wasn’t a big fan of that and inserted himself into a feud where five years ago everyone in the IWC would be begging for and want it to be for the WWE Title; boy how times have changed. The WWE has brought in a lot of great talent since the days of Ziggler being the ‘it boy’ and Styles wasn’t going to let Dolph forget it. I for one CAN NOT wait to see Zigs leave the WWE, wrestle on the indys, make a movie or two and watch Vince come crawling back for more show off.

Where has this Miz been all my life?

5. If you missed Talking Smack this week, I’m sure if you have a pulse you saw it, The Miz verbally attacked Daniel Bryan. The Intercontinental Champion took just about every shot he could at Bryan even telling him to go wrestle in Bingo Halls again, like that’s some sort of bad thing. While Daniel Bryan may never be able to physically wrestle again I’m sure he’s going to have a great time feeding that pretty face of The Miz’s to just about anyone who wants to be called the Intercontinental Champion or they could just screw it up terribly, it’s not like they don’t have a track record of doing so.


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