Monday Night Wars: Bret Hart Snaps

Welcome to something new I’m starting at HTCWrestling. In order to put daily content on the site, I plan on starting special features each day looking back on various topics in wrestling history. Monday’s will look back on the Monday Night War, perhaps the hottest time in wrestling history.

Today we look back at the ending of Monday Night RAW on March 17, 1997. Bret Hart had just lost a rematch against Sid for the WWF Championship. Hart, sick of getting screwed over, shoves down Vince McMahon as he attempts to interview Hart. Bret then goes off on a tirade. He talks about how he is sick of getting screwed over and no one doing anything about it. This leads to The Undertaker, Sid and Steve Austin coming out and a brawl to end the show.

In many ways, this was one of the starts of the Attitude Era. It also started Bret’s heel turn and a double turn with Steve Austin. Part of Bret’s promo felt like a shoot. You would have thought that the show was suppose to be over as you see the cage being taken apart in the ring. It was a great delivery and promo from Hart and rejuvenated his career as a heel.

You can see the promo below:


Justin C (@JCWonka)