WWE RAW 8.29.16: Five Thoughts w/Justin C


1. Bayley On RAW Should Be Great

-I thought Bayley’s interactions with New Day on RAW were great. Meeting them backstage was somewhat of a reminder of what her original character was: A girl who was a fan of pro wrestling and just happy to be there. But then the match came and again you were reminded that she is also very talented in the ring. And her chemistry with New Day was on point. I don’t think it could have been any better. And the pop she received was better than New Day’s if you ask me. It was a strong follow up week for Bayley on RAW.

Plus, any time Bayley wants to do the New Day hip gyrations is fine with me.

2. Stephanie McMahon Is Too Full Of Herself

-It is getting to the point where I don’t find Stephanie McMahon entertaining at all anymore. A couple months ago I wrote a column about it. She does nothing for the betterment of the talent around her. I don’t even know what the point was of that Paul Heyman segment? Was she okay with Heyman’s antics? Or was she upset with him and plan to deal with it at a later date? It made no sense.

Not only that, Stephanie continues to make herself sound like the all powerful women in sports/sports entertainment. She started the women’s revolution. It had nothing to do with the work in NXT. She is the reason for all of it! She rose to power in the WWE! It had nothing to do with the last name of McMahon.

Oh and her saying tonight they crown the first Universal Champion TWICE is ridiculous. Apparently SummerSlam didn’t happen.

3. The Video Packages For The Main Event Competitors Were Good

-I will always praise the WWE video department. They do a tremendous job of putting together hype videos and packages for wrestlers and matches. They did their job again with the individual video packages for all four men in the main event tonight. It is the little things like that they can use to fill time on RAW and not make it seem like a waste of time.

4. Where’s Rusev?

-After making Rusev look like a dumbass last week, he wasn’t even on RAW this week. Why not have Rusev come out and be the person to cost Roman Reigns the Universal Title match? It would have added heat to their feud and given Rusev heat (or more cheers depending on who you ask). But Rusev is a complete afterthought on what turned out to be a pretty big show, especially at the end.

5. Kevin Owens As Universal Champion Is Great. Even With The Help Of Triple H

-I was hoping Kevin Owens would end up winning the Universal Title going into the show. And I’m glad it happened. Owens may not have the traditional look of past Champions, but the guy busts his ass every night and is one of the best at his craft. Part of the crowd boos him while the other half likes his work and cheers him. Owens is too good to fail as Champion. The WWE needs to treat him like a big deal as Champion.

As far as the Triple H interference goes, I’m okay with it for now. But it needs proper follow up. Obviously him hitting a Pedigree on Seth Rollins will turn Rollins face. They’ve been teasing a Rollins/HHH feud forever now and it looks like we will finally get it. It became more of the Triple H show at the end. That is why Owens needs to come out looking like a star next Monday. He also needs some successful Title defenses to be built up as Champion. How about a Title match against Sami Zayn?

RAW ended with a shocker, and it was something that was desperately needed. The show was starting to grow stale over the last few weeks and tonight’s ending gave the show a nice kick in the ass. Owens as Universal Champion should add new life to the show. Not only that, the interactions with Chris Jericho should be great. And the eventual feud will be even better.



Kevin Owens defeated Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Big Cass to win the WWE Universal Championship

Braun Strowman defeated Americano

Nia Jax defeated a jobber

Darren Young defeated Titus O’Neil with the slowest roll-up and three count ever

Bayley and New Day defeated The Club and Dana Brooke


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Justin C

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