Woman Crush Wednesday: Mickie James Wins The Women’s Title (2010)

Welcome to Wednesday’s new feature on HTCWrestling. Yes I know I missed one yesterday. Blame it on a combination of work and errands to do immediately after.

Wednesday’s we will follow the #WCW trend that has taken over social media. But we will use it to look at past great moments in the history of women’s wrestling.

Today we look at the Royal Rumble from 2010. Mickie James (Happy Birthday by the way!) took on Michelle McCool for the Women’s Championship. In the last few months of 2009, McCool and Layla (collectively known as Laycool) started to pick on Mickie James for being overweight. They would often refer to her as Piggy James. Of course, Mickie James is in no way overweight.

After months of torture, James finally got her revenge at the Royal Rumble when she won the Women’s Championship. It was a 20 second match. It is the perfect example of exactly how to pull off a revenge angle in wrestling. The face dominates the match and makes quick work of their opponent.

You can watch the match below:

Justin C (@JCWonka)