WWE Cruiserweight Classic Quarterfinals Results 8.31.16


Akira Tozawa vs Gran Metalik

-Two early stand offs after some chain wrestling first, then armdrags and double dropkicks.

-After neither man can get the upper hand, Metalik catches Tozawa with a dropkick against the ropes.

-Metalik hits a great suicide dive head first to the outside. I like his version of it.

-Metalik toys with Tozawa a bit and kicks him in the head while he has a modified figure four applied.

-Tozawa catches Metalik with a dropkick to the back as he went for a springboard. Tozawa then connects with a boot to the face and two suicide dives.

-We got a chop exchange until Tozawa catches Metalik off guard and hits him in the face.

-Metalik starts a comeback with a superkick then a running shooting star press. He then connects on a springboard elbow for two.

-Tozawa runs into a Metalik superkick. Metalik dropkicks Tozawa to the outside then hits a springboard swanton to the outside.

-Metalik crotches Tozawa on the ropes then hits a springboard hurricarrana but Tozawa just kicks out at two.

-Tozawa goes for a German but Metalik lands on his feet. Tozawa finally hits one then hits a deadlift German suplex but only gets two.

-Tozawa goes for the German again, but Metalik counters and hits the Metalik Driver for the win. Great match.

WINNER: Gran Metalik

Brian Kendrick vs Kota Ibushi

-Kendrick slaps Ibushi in the back and tries to get him to the outside. Ibushi has none of it.

-Ibushi kicks Kendrick to the outside then hits the Golden Triangle moonsault to the outside.

-Kendrick tries to get Ibushi’s foot caught in the guardrail. But Ibushi escapes and hits a springboard dropkick.

-Ibushi continues to dominate until both men go to the outside. Kendrick hits a neckbreaker on the steel part of the turnbuckle.

-Kendrick works on the neck of Ibushi. Ibushi tries a comeback and goes for a standing moonsault but Kendrick gets his knees up.

-Both men exchange blows then Kendrick hits Sliced Bread for two.

-Kendrick drags Ibushi to the top but Ibushi escapes and catches Kendrick with a Pele kick.

-With both men in the ropes. Ibushi hits a German suplex on Kendrick while standing on the second rope for two.

-Kendrick hits a devastating burning hammer backdrop for two.

-If you don’t know by now I FREAKING LOVE RING PSYCHOLOGY so Kendrick working on Ibushi’s surgically repaired neck is great.

-Ibushi goes to the top but misses a Phoenix Splash. Kendrick goes right into a Bully choke which Ibushi counters into a pin attempt. Ibushi then catches Kendrick with an enziguri kick to the head and his Golden Star powerbomb for the win.

-Brian Kendrick gets a standing ovation from the crowd as he wipes away tears in the ring. Daniel Bryan comes in the ring and gives him a hug.

WINNER: Kota Ibushi

-If you ask me, this week is right up there with the Tajiri/Gran Metalik and Kota Ibushi/Cedric Alexander week. Two outstanding matches.

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