WTF Friday! David Arquette Wins The WCW World Title

Its WTF Friday here at HTCWrestling. On Friday, we will look back at some of the stupidest and head shaking moments in wrestling history.

With Vince Russo recently bringing him up, today we look back at that time David Arquette won the WCW Title. By 2000, WCW was pretty much on its final legs. The WWE was running on all cylinders. Vince Russo, attempting to get WCW any kind of attention possible, but the WCW Title on Arquette. This of course tied in with the movie Ready to Rumble.

The only positive thing about this is that Arquette didn’t pin an actual wrestler to win the Title. But it was a bad move by Russo and WCW. Sure it got people talking, but in a bad way. You needed a long term plan to keep people interested and WCW didn’t have it.

For Russo to say that Arquette is more over than Kevin Owens is laughable.

Justin C (@JCWonka)